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Overview of Requirements

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Multiple questions arise for food-related businesses (organic waste generator, processor, or hauler) when complying with waste management ordinances of the Department of Environmental Conservation, NYC Sanitation, and other state and city ordinances.

This section of the Clearinghouse website will provide guidance for food waste processors, generators, and haulers on regulations and requirements for food waste diversion.

In order for you as a waste processor, (compost or an anaerobic digestion facility), to accept food waste, there are set requirements you are subject to. The links below provide a general understanding of the requirements from the Part 360 Waste Management Facilities regulation(s) and the DEC Composting and Organic Materials Management webpage. For more specific regulatory requirements for organics, utilize links to the DEC Regulations for Organic recycling, decision flowcharts below, or contact your local DEC contact.


  • Hauling organic waste currently falls under the same categorization as landfill and trade waste.  Permitting requirements are the same as those for hauling landfill materials.  Please refer the DEC's Waste Transporter FAQ's page for more details. 
  • For a list of approved licensees and registrants for trade waste in and around NYC click here.  For other transportation information please contact waste management facilities or self-transporters in your area. 
  • For guidance on working with your hauler on food waste transportation click here