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Step-By-Step Guide for Permit and Registration Applications for Solid Waste Processors

Step 1:

What does my business need? 

Step 2:



  • Waste processor permits generally require blueprints, maps, plans, environmental assessments, inspection reports, bonding, project description, public notice and public hearings. 
  • For more details please contact your Regional Materials Manager. 


Step 3:

Application Process 

  • Processors will have assistance from Regional Staff including Regional Matetrials Management Engineer and Regional Permit Administrators. Process generally includes the following:
    • Pre-application meetings which will detail the application procedure and project requirements. 
    • Referrals to DEC regulations and policies in order to prepare for pre-application meetings. 
    • Tollgate reviews throughout process and project.

Step 4:

Assessment and Recording Results

  • Continuing to record and assess results are essential to continued success.  NYSP2I Food System Sustainability site has the tools to help your business continue to track success.  
  • For questions on your businesses data, use the Self-Assessment Upload page.