NYSP2I Sustainable Supply Chain
Information Hub

Welcome to New York State’s central location for gaining information about supply chain sustainability, the benefits, and how to find assistance to implement sustainable practices.

This site supports environmental professionals, marketing professionals, procurements professionals, top management, and any other parties that are involved in making their supply chain less costly and more sustainable.

The purpose of this Information Hub is to  provide resources to assist companies with understanding and improving their sustainability, both as a member of their own primary supply chain and of a larger global supply chain.

This Information Hub contains links to information that provides a rich background to why sustainable manufacturing, as part of the supply chain, is important and how it is being implemented in the United States and around the world. The US Department of Commerce’s defines sustainable manufacturing as:

“The creation of manufactured products that use processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safe for employees, communities, and consumers and are economically sound.”