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New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

Partners & Affiliates

Sustainability Partners and Affiliates of the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) is funded by New Yorks State’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and partners with research universities, and manufacturing extension partnerships (MEPs) across New York to deliver practical, results-focused outcomes for our clients. We play an important role in New York State’s powerful strategy for building sustainability through environmental stewardship, community engagement, and economic development.

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Partnering with New York State

NYSP2I’s work to cultivate a more sustainable New York State is made possible through New York State’s Environmental Protection Fund as administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Thanks to this funding, NYSP2I is able to connect our clients to a vast network of research facilities and test beds, professional expertise, and educational resources across the Empire State.  

Our accomplishments demonstrate the vital impact of New York State's investment. Learn more about how we work here.

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NYSP2I Resource Network

New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

NYSP2I links manufacturers to New York State’s vast network of technology, research, engineering, and equipment assets through the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYS MEP). From process improvements and supply chain assessment to technology acceleration and startup assistance, NYS MEP is a platform for ensuring that New York State businesses can remain competitive in a fast-changing global marketplace, while seizing opportunities to prosper in the emerging sustainable and clean technology economy.

Current partner MEPs include the following:

Research and Development

Research and development at NYSP2I aims to close existing technology and process gaps to meet the needs of businesses in New York State. Working in tandem with our five university partners, we support research projects that may address the following key areas:

  • assessment of product designs
  • evaluation of alternative materials and process engineering
  • optimization of existing environmental technologies
  • development of new green chemistry products and technologies
  • other initiatives related to the mission of NYSP2I

We seek opportunities that will deliver the most sustainable results for both our environment and economy. We solve the real-world problems that New York State businesses face to help them remain competitive in the marketplace while reducing their environmental footprint. We aim to deliver transferable practices and technologies through the extensive resources available to us through our university partnerships.

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University Partnership

The NYSP2I team of engineers and researchers has helped to advance the innovative technologies and processes that are driving sustainable manufacturing today through our applied research program. Since launching in 2008, NYSP2I has secured more than $2.7 million in funding to complete over 40 research and development projects for manufacturers, municipalities, and nonprofits in New York State. Our research and development efforts and extended resources rely on our partnerships with leading universities across New York State. These are collaborations that we can leverage to develop, validate, and demonstrate practical, implementable solutions to the real challenges that our clients face.