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How much does RIT/NTID cost?

RIT receives special federal support, so deaf and hard-of-hearing undergraduates and students enrolled in the ASL-English Interpretation Program pay much less than RIT’s total cost of attendance before financial aid.*

2021-22 Cost

tuition $18,330**
room $8,392
board $6,040
fees $726

**For deaf and hard-of-hearing students enrolled in any undergraduate degree program and for students enrolled in the ASL-English Interpretation Program. Regular RIT tuition for undergraduates entering fall 2021 is $52,030.

2021-22 Total Cost Comparison (includes tuition, room, board, and fees)

  • $67,188
    RIT cost
  • $33,488
    RIT cost for deaf and hard-of-hearing students enrolled in any undergraduate degree program and for students enrolled in the ASL–English Interpretation Program.

*Rates listed here are for U.S. students only.

The discount is great, but are there other resources to help us afford an RIT/NTID education?

To answer that, let’s first discuss total cost of attendance vs. actual cost.

$33,488(Total Cost of Attendance)

That $33,488 is the total cost of attendance, including tuition, room & board and fees. But for most families at RIT/NTID, it’s not the number they’ll pay.

Now, let's look at sources of financial aid that reduce your cost and do not need to be repaid.

Illustration of a woman holding an award and money, representing scholarships and aid.

*Based on 2020-21 academic year data

So, how much can I expect to pay for the cost of attendance?

For many families the total cost of RIT/NTID will be comparable to that of an in-state public college.

You get a private education at a public college price!

Please note that the cost shown is based on average amounts. Your cost may be higher or lower, depending on your family circumstances.

So, RIT is affordable, but what makes it a smart investment?

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Last year, 95% of deaf and hard-of-hearing RIT/NTID students who sought jobs after graduation found one within a year.

Selected businesses and organizations that have hired RIT/NTID students and graduates:

  • BNY Mellon
  • Boeing Aircraft Inc.
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Citi
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Defense Finance & Accounting Service
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Monroe Cty. Medical Examiner’s Office
  • NASA
  • Naval Supply Systems Command
  • Solar Turbines
  • Sprint
  • Tufts University
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Yahoo!

Research shows that deaf and hard-of-hearing students who attend RIT are more likely to earn a degree than deaf and hard-of-hearing students who attend other postsecondary institutions.

Illustration of a diploma

Median Salaries at Age 50

  • $58,000
    RIT/NTID Graduates (Bachelor's)
  • $41,000
    RIT/NTID Graduates (Associate)
  • $21,000
    Graduates of Other Institutions

According to a study conducted with the Social Security Administration, after graduation, deaf and hard-of-hearing RIT graduates earn higher career earnings than their peers who attended other institutions.

But don’t just take our word for it.

RIT is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of “America’s Best College Values,” and by the Princeton Review as one of the top 20 college for nationwide for “Best Career Services.”

Best Colleges logo for U.S. News & World Report logo for The Princeton Review

So, what's the bottom line?

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