RITchie Finds His Stripes

Author Rick Mislan was walking on the RIT campus again with his two daughters in 2012 when they came upon the Bengal statue outside of the Kodak quad. That's when Rick told his girls story about naming RITchie. He then suggested that RITchie needed a book. So it was at that moment, standing at the RIT Bengal statue that Rick and his two daughters began the process of writing a book about RITchie.

Later that year, Rick accepted a professorship in the new department of Computing Security and moved to RIT. Unfortunately, during that first year back to RIT, Rick's wife and daughters stayed in Michigan to take care of his ailing father-in-law. But, for that whole year, through the magic combination of the Internet, Skype and Dropbox, several RIT students, staff, and faculty, Rick and his daughters completed the text and basic imagery for the new book, RITchie Finds His Stripes. And now, Rick and his family are back together in the Rochester-area, working with artist Rachel Bentley to put the finishing touches on the book.

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