Chapters: Corporate

RIT Corporate Alumni Chapters provide a way for you and your co-workers to gather in the spirit and mission of RIT. They are organized within companies by volunteers — along with the Office of Alumni Relations — to plan and implement a variety of activities. Examples include:

  • Social events including luncheons or after work gatherings.
  • Educational events featuring RIT faculty, administrators, or local alumni speakers.
  • Events welcoming co-op students or new alumni employees to your company.
  • Special events on campus.
  • Community service projects.

We Need Your Help! To organize an RIT Corporate Alumni Chapter, we need your assistance with the following:

  • Maintaining and sharing a list of alumni within your company.
  • Recruiting alumni to attend events through emails and meeting invites.
  • Acting as an RIT representative to welcome incoming RIT co-ops and new graduates working at your company.
  • Assisting the Office of Alumni Relations in welcoming RIT administration when they visit your company.

How We Can Help Below are some ways we can help you organize your chapter.

  • Sharing lists of alumni that have identified your company as an employer.
  • Providing broadcast email services to send special messages, newsletters, and notices of upcoming events.
  • Marketing your upcoming events and activities on the alumni website, and in appropriate alumni publications such as the Tiger's Tale and RIT University Magazine.
  • Helping with online event registration for any of your alumni programs if needed.
  • Connecting you with students and alumni through networking and mentoring and putting you in touch with representatives from the Office of Career Service and Cooperative Education.

For more information, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-866-748-2586 or via email at