Chapters: Faculty & Staff Alumni

Welcome to the homepage for the RIT Faculty & Staff Alumni Chapter
This page is your home for information about the Faculty & Staff Alumni Chapter. Joining the faculty & staff alumni chapter is a wonderful way to show your Tiger Pride! And don’t forget to join us on Facebook! Also, be sure to connect with the Rochester Alumni Chapter for more events and activities with local alumni.

  • Nearly 1,600 alumni faculty and staff
    That's almost 35% of RIT's workforce! The Chapter along with the Office of Alumni Relations are committed to fostering a sense of pride and community among the alumni that work at RIT as well as empowering and supporting faculty & staff relationships with alumni around the world.
  • Mission Statement
    The mission of the RIT Faculty & Staff Alumni Chapter is to engage those faculty and staff who are alumni in meaningful ways to advance the mission and vision of RIT. We, as a chapter, will also encourage philanthropy and volunteer support within our ranks, as well as with family and friends.
  • Vision Statement
    The RIT Faculty & Staff Alumni Chapter will set university-employed alumni apart within the RIT Family. Campus alumni demonstrate the value of an RIT education and the commitment to continuing in service to RIT through their careers. The Chapter will convey the message that alumni are deeply valued by the university, and appreciated as individuals who have committed to building careers at their alma mater.


Annual Chapter Activities and Signature Events 
Annually, the Faculty & Staff Alumni Chapter and the Office of Alumni Relations celebrate our unique population at the Faculty & Staff Alumni Breakfast. This is just one way of saying thanks for all the great work that you do on RIT's behalf. We also honor the recipients of our annual Golden Brick Award at the breakfast. Take a look at past award winners and keep an eye out for our annual nomination email. Other annual events and activities for the chapter include: Quarterly Chapter Meetings, RIT Tiger Walk, Rochester Red Wings Game, Global Day of Service, and our Spring Happy Hour celebrating faculty and staff earning an RIT degree. Go to the bottom of this page to view all our upcoming events!


Chapter Committees and Structure

  • Executive Committee
    Establish the overall direction, strategy and goals of the chapter and work with committees to ensure all objectives are met successfully and yearly evaluations are performed. Will consist of the chairs of each committee and the chapter manager.
  • Pride and Recognition Committee
    To celebrate RIT and the accomplishments of faculty and staff alumni. Identify opportunities to incorporate RIT history, traditions and uniqueness into current and future alumni programming activities, and recognize our successful faculty and staff alumni. Also assists with branding and marketing for the chapter as a whole.
    Co-Chairs: Laura DiPonzio Heise ’09 and Vienna Carvalho McGrain ’12
  • Membership Committee Continuously welcome new members and inform them of the benefits of chapter participation. This group will also develop onboarding standards to ensure all chapter members are equipped for engagement.
    Chair: Lydia Palmer ’09
  • Engagement Committee Communicate opportunities for faculty and staff alumni involvement in the chapter in pursuit of greater participation from the faculty and staff alumni body. Encourage all faculty and staff alumni to participate in at least one chapter activity or meeting during the year. Support the development of volunteer leaders and cultivate a diverse representation of alumni for volunteer positions.
    Co-Chairs: Amelia Hugill-Fontanel ’02 and Barbara Hoerner ’96
  • Institutional Support Committee Focus on the growth and enhancement of RIT’s culture of giving by identifying opportunities and strategies to promote faculty and staff alumni giving through outreach and volunteer opportunities.
    Co-Chairs: Cindee Gray ’07 and Renee Brownstein ’07

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