Committee Descriptions

Pride and Recognition

To celebrate RIT, its history, traditions and uniqueness and identify opportunities to incorporate these elements into current and future alumni programming activities.

Areas of Focus

  • Celebrate the uniqueness of RIT
  • Awards and recognition
  • Preserve history and traditions through programming
  • Affinity programming for events and volunteer opportunities
  • Select Alumni Endowed Legacy Scholarship recipients annually (May)

RIT For Life

To cultivate and identify unique benefits and intellectual experiences that all alumni can access and that will foster a continued and meaningful relationship with the University throughout a lifetime.

Areas of Focus

  • Building lifelong learning opportunities
  • Benefits and services
  • The Alumni House
  • Career development
  • Faculty and staff alumni

Institutional Support

Focus on the growth and enhancement of RIT’s culture of giving by identifying opportunities and strategies to promote alumni giving through outreach, events and volunteer opportunities.

Areas of Focus

  • Enhance the culture of giving among alumni
  • Advise on communication messaging pertainign to giving
  • Partner with RIT campaigns
  • Peer-to-Peer giving
  • Identify fundraising focused programs and events

Membership Committee

Continuously recruit and identify new members for the board from the entire RIT and Alumni Association communities with the objective of achieving broad representation in accordance with by-laws. This group will also develop onboarding standards to ensure all board members are equipped for engagement.

Areas of Focus

  • Recruit new members for the board
  • Onboard new members
  • Manage membership terms and expectations
  • Develop policies to streamline recruitment, vetting and onboarding
  • Consistently review representation of board to ensure by-laws are met and alumni population is appropriately reflected

Regional Volunteer Engagement

Support the development of volunteer leaders and cultivate a diverse representation of alumni for volunteer positions. This group will strategically use communication channels, both within RIT and outside, to expand the reach of RIT pertaining to regional engagement opportunities with RIT.

Areas of Focus

  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Alumni Chapters
    • Regional
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee appoints chairs and when appropriate, co-chairs of all committees, save the membership committee.  The chair of the membership committee is the immediate past president of the Alumni Association.