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meRIT Webinars are an opportunity for RIT alumni to tap into the expertise and know-how that makes up the RIT community of alumni, faculty and staff. See the unique topics we're exploring this month below:

Mindful eating during the holidays

Learn how a few simple, healthy habits can help improve your pattern of eating and overall relationship with food. We are flooded with messages that make it difficult to know what to eat. Everyone should eat this! No one should eat that! The truth is, we are all unique individuals, which means there is no single “right” way to eat. But we know there are certain foods shown through decades of research to support good health, and that there are certain habits common to healthy eaters. This webinar will focus on how considering your food environment (where you eat), the way you build meals and snacks (what you eat), and the way you approach food (how you eat) can help you to feel your best, starting with what you eat. To get the most out of this webinar, please bring your choice of food (e.g., a piece of fruit, favorite snack,) so you can participate in a mindful eating exercise.

New Year, New Career: Jump start your job search in 2020

The start of the 2020's is the perfect way to move into a new job! If you've been thinking about getting a new job, but don't know where to start, this webinar is for you. Learn how to utilize career services as an alumnus or alumna, and gain some tips for starting a job search. Topics that we'll cover are: establishing a personal brand, job search strategy, online and offline networking, accessing the hidden job market, overcoming obstacles, and more!

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Virtually any topic
can be a meRIT webinar.
Virtually any topic
can be a meRIT webinar.
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