5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile

What’s the big deal about LinkedIn? You may have heard of the social network and just never signed up, or you may have created a profile and then wiped your hands of it. Many people don’t revisit their LinkedIn profile until they are searching for a job, but if you really want to make an impression when you are searching for a job, you’ll want to frequent LinkedIn regularly before you even think about your next job.

Why so often? Your LinkedIn profile is basically just a resume, right?

Wrong. With many new features on LinkedIn, it is much more than that. And you should update your LinkedIn profile more often than you update your resume. Here’s why.

  1. Millions of people are on LinkedIn. With over 300 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. In today’s very digital world, it is expected that you have a LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, recruiters may not take you seriously as a career-minded executive.
  2. Networking, networking, networking. This may be obvious as it’s the purpose of the social network, but LinkedIn is the best place for networking. No matter who you are or where you work, networking is important. Networking helps you find that job opportunity, find new clients, or find other people in your field that can give you further insight or help in your job. Even if you meet someone in-person, connect with them on LinkedIn and keep in contact with them digitally to continue that valuable relationship. You can even join LinkedIn groups (like this one) and have some great discussions with other professionals that you would never have had the opportunity for offline.
  3. When people Google you, it is a top result. Have you Googled yourself lately? Your LinkedIn profile will typically be the first or second result in a search for your name. This means that if other people Google you to learn more about you, they will almost certainly visit your LinkedIn profile. So, if your page looks like a barren wasteland, with no image or very little information, it might not make the best impression.
  4. It is your personal brand. When a potential employer, client or colleague looks at your LinkedIn profile, they are most likely doing it to find out more about you. If you’ve applied for jobs and the hiring managers look at your LinkedIn profile, they are probably not looking for your resume – hopefully they already have that. They want to see how you talk about yourself in your bio, what your interests are, whom you know and what projects you have participated in. Make sure you’ve filled your profile to the brim and connected with professionals you know – LinkedIn will guide you through every step and suggest people you know. You should be regularly connecting with other people and adding information about your current projects.
  5. It helps improve RIT’s ranking. This may sound like a shameless plug, but hear us out. LinkedIn recently released University Rankings and RIT has been ranked 13th in the U.S. for the employment of our alumni software developers at desirable startup companies. This is based on the number of RIT alumni software developers who have said in their LinkedIn profile that they work at a startup company. While, yes, this is great for us at RIT, it is also very beneficial to you. One of the largest social media networks, with millions of users, has ranked RIT nationally as a leader in this field. This is a pretty big deal. As rankings go up for RIT in this field and others, student placement at RIT becomes more competitive, graduates start making more headlines and you can bet that RIT will look even better on your resume. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile and it is up to date so we can boost RIT’s rankings and you can wow your next employer when you mention you’re an RIT alum.

So, dust off that LinkedIn profile and shine up your personal brand. You may be surprised how many opportunities open up for you when you spend more time on LinkedIn.

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