Photo Science Class of '75 Picks Imagine RIT for First Reunion

When the Photographic Science & Instrumentation class of '75 wanted to hold their first-ever reunion, they couldn't decide on a location until classmate and RIT Trustee, Jeff Harris, came up with the perfect plan. He suggested returning to the RIT campus for Imagine RIT and a weekend of seeing the changes to campus in the past 40 years. What they got was much more than a look at the campus today.

Working with RIT Alumni Relations, the class not only received the red carpet treatment at Imagine, but they were given the chance to build a connection with current Imaging students. A panel discussion was welcomed by students who were eager to hear the changes in technology the alumni experienced through their careers and to seek advice for their futures. The alumni resumes included impressive credentials such as leadership positions in the CIA and Lockheed Martin, long careers at Xerox and Kodak through decades of change, and entrepreneurs who have risen to the top of their fields. The students then had their opportunity to show off their innovations, experiments and interactive demonstrations at the Imagine RIT festival.

The alumni were treated to a personal tour through the College of Science and College of Imaging Arts and Science, including Professor Bachman's "GRIT" Lab, a freshman video system demonstration that simulates capturing images at a trillion frames per second. They also tried out the virtual reality systems in Professor Gabe Diaz's PerForm Lab. Although a lot has changed, reminiscing about bygone dark rooms and photo studios, and the annual Photo Science Scavenger Hunt still brought back many stories of funny pranks and antics between students and their favorite professors. Dinner included a "Guess Who It Is" photo trivia game, and a resurrected slide show brought the group to laughter. So many of the alumni expressed how impressed they were with how RIT has grown, and what they see the students doing today. They were glad Jeff made the suggestion that they 'come home' for their reunion.