Where Are They Now? - January 2015

Learn what your favorite retired faculty members are up to.

Where Are They Now? provides an update on a few of RIT's best known and most beloved faculty and staff retirees. You may be surprised to find out what they've been doing since they left campus!

This month we feature retired faculty member Dr. Swaminathan Madhu from the Kate Gleason College of Engineering.


Dr. Swaminathan Madhu — Professor Emeritus from the Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Although he “officially” retired in 2005, Dr. Swaminathan Madhu continues to teach a class each fall in electrical engineering. He says that he so enjoys teaching that he hasn’t really thought of stopping. “It helps keep me young,” he says, and it also makes it easier for him to meet former students when they come back to campus to visit.

After completing the fall semesters, he and family members take the opportunity to travel during the winter months. Last year, he traveled to England to visit his granddaughter who is finishing her graduate degree, and to see York and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. This winter he and his wife will visit Iceland.

Outside of his teaching, he has been an enthusiastic fan of the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada, for more than 30 years and makes several trips to the plays every summer with members of his family. He recently became a trustee on the Festival of America Foundation Board of the Stratford Festival (Ontario, Canada).  The Foundation is responsible for the funds from the U. S. donors.

Dr. Mahdu also spends time keeping track of nine grandchildren and a new Corgie named Rosie. He is currently compiling his notes from an elective course he designed to develop into a book.

Dr. Mahdu welcomes alumni to contact him by email at snmeee@rit.edu.