Where Are They Now? - March 2015

Learn what your favorite retired faculty members are up to.

Where Are They Now? provides an update on a few of RIT's best known and most beloved faculty and staff retirees. You may be surprised to find out what they've been doing since they left campus!

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This month we feature faculty member Bill DuBois from the College of Imaging Sciences, who has been with RIT since 1974.

Burmese Shadows by Bill DuBois

Bill DuBois — Professor from the College of Imaging Sciences
“Creating photographs for personal pleasure is a wonderful way to spend retirement,” says photography professor emeritus, Bill DuBois. “After leaving the classroom in 2011, Dawn (my wife) and I set our sites on places we want to see. Travel is our hot topic. Dawn is still teaching the Photography in Cuba course, and I get to participate with the class. We have now made numerous trips to Havana.

“My imagery takes me in strange directions from time to time. These trips introduced me to to a culture that hangs laundry on a daily basis. My camera was drawn to the interesting means of drying clothing in the streets of Havana.  Recently this work was selected for an exhibition in the Spectrum Gallery here in Rochester.

“Then we turned our sights to Myanmar (old Burma) for a river cruise. Again, I was drawn to this culture’s means of drying laundry. As we continue to visit other countries I still gravitate to similar subjects. There are many ways to identify unique viewpoints in other cultures.”

Professor DuBois can be found “relaxing and making photographs for personal pleasure” at wwdpph@rit.edu. His photo work can be viewed at billduboisphoto.com.


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