John Stratton, College of Applied Science & Technology

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This month we feature John Stratton ’64, former faculty member in Electrical Engineering Technology, and former associate dean for the College of Applied Science and Technology.

John Stratton (above) and Burt Stratton (below)

John Stratton ’64, CAST
John Stratton served RIT and the College of Applied Science & Technology for decades, extending the legacy begun by his father, Burt, who served under Mark Ellingson. John’s story is one of a long family history that extends from RIT’s early years to today (see timeline below).

John began his teaching career at RIT in 1971 as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology. He went on to become chair of the department, and then Associate Dean of the College. He retired in 2008.

After retirement, John continued to adjunct teach Engineering Economics. After many years as an administrator, he’s appreciated his opportunity to return to the classroom. “I’ve enjoyed being face-to-face with students,” John says. “I started the distance learning program for RIT in the early 1990s, but I prefer the classroom environment, especially working with undergraduates.”

Outside of his teaching, John has been busy with industry organizations. He served for six years at the Vice President of the New York State Engineering Technology Association, during which he oversaw three of the organization’s conferences at RIT. He has also been active in the American Society for Engineering Education, and the ABET Accreditation Board.

John is also a very active member of the Reformed Church of America, serving as a preaching elder and a regional representative. He and his wife, Lois, have had all three of their children attend RIT at varying times; two of them received degrees. He and Lois maintain a camping trailer in the southern tier town of Springwater. “Holiday Hill” is open weekends during the summer to visiting alumni and RIT friends who would like to catch up with John.

To contact John, email him at He welcomes the chance to reconnect with CAST alumni and RIT colleagues.

Burt Stratton graduates from Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, the precursor to RIT.
Burt joins the Mechanics Institute staff, teaching students to write lab reports. He works under President Randall, and shares an office with faculty member Mark Ellingson.
Burt becomes supervisor of evening programs, helping to equip women to fill men’s shoes in the workforce during World War II.
John Stratton becomes a student in RIT’s Electrical Department.
Burt Stratton retires, having become Dean of RIT’s Evening College, which becomes the College of Continuing Education (CCE) a few years later. He also serves as Director of Alumni Relations for most of that time.
John is named Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, eventually becoming chair of the department; he also teaches and advises CCE students.
John becomes Associate Dean of the College of Applied Science & Technology, overseeing the transition of CCE to the College, the move from City Center to Henrietta. He also launches the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies.
John chairs MMET/PS and later returns to full time teaching.
John retires.