2009 Volunteer of the Year

Victoria Griffith

Victoria Griffith 1993
College of Applied Science and Technology

"This award recognizes Vicki's dedication and service to the RIT community; including her impact on student success and her demonstration of outstanding leadership skills. This award not only honors Vicki for her successes, but also expresses our appreciation for her support of the Institute."

Victoria Griffith, CAST '93 has been awarded the Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award for 2009.

Vicki received her bachelor's degree in Food Marketing and Distribution from the School for Hospitality and Service Management. She has developed that degree into a successful twenty year career in the service industry. She is currently Director of Quality Assurance at Clyde's Restaurant Group, a Washington, D.C. institution for more than 40 years.

Since graduating in 1993, Vicki has worked with three RIT presidents helping to transform the alumni experience into one that mirrored her student experience. As soon as she graduated, she began coordinating chapter events in the D.C. area, and has taken on increasing responsibility for representing the Washington alumni voice at her alma mater. Today, she serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, is an Nathaniel Rochester Society member and serves on the society's committee as well. She says she's just getting started.

Reflecting back on her time as a student at RIT, Vicki says:

"I would go back in a heartbeat. At one point I held four jobs, a full class load, made dean's list on occasion, couldn't wait for hockey Friday nights, was President of the Fraternity, and head of the RITz Dinner planning. I always chuckled at some that said there was nothing to do at RIT. Like many things in life, RIT was what you made of it. There were, and still are, such great opportunities to experience RIT."