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  • Town hall meetings to be held in new Center for Urban Entrepreneurship. read more »

  • Students develop a prototype for an inexpensive heart monitor. Read more »
  • New for 2013 — NRS donors receive new benefits. read more »

  • Xilinx leader discusses career exploration for engineers. read more »

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  • Harvey Duze '72 took second place at the Patuxent Art League Juried Exhibition for his photo of the C&O Canal Railroad Bridge.
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  • David Meck '10 and Elizabeth (Bush) Meck are happy to announce their marriage on December 22, 2012 in Pequea, PA.
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  • Stephan Roorda '01 visited RIT to show off IBM's supercomputer Watson, which he helped develop.
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Join us online for the Alumni Career Webinar series, featuring authors & career experts who will share their secrets, research, and tips with you as a job seeker.


Join fellow RIT alumni and friends for exciting travel opportunities! Current trips include cruise and land adventures with AHI and GoNext in Alaska, England, France, Italy and the French/Italian Riverias.

Big Shot

The 28th annual Big Shot will be of the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on March 23, 2013. Registration for the event is taking place now.

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