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  • Major General Stephen Lyons '83 led a US Army delegation to visit China as part of a Disaster Management Exchange Table Top Exercise. View profile »
  • Lucien Casartelli '93 is creating local art with a twist. Literally. View story »
  • Ralph Amdursky '35 has snapped famous pictures of US presidents, celebrities and musicians, and recently celebrated his 99th birthday. View story »

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Were you a Resident Advisor while at RIT? Reconnect with Residence Life.

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Attend a college fair or reception and help to promote your alma matter. There are more than 200 events nationwide. To volunteer, visit RIT’s Alumni Admissions Volunteer page.

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Join us for a reception and fine dining as we honor alumni that have brought distinction to the college and RIT through professional and community achievement — the Distinguished Alumni of 2013.

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