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Angela Kelly

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
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Diploma, Trent Polytechnic; Diploma Ed., Mary Ward College; MA, Columbia College


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3 Credits
This course is the second in a sequence of two courses focusing on the completion of the thesis publication and thesis defense. Supported by the research tools and resources outlined in Research Core I, students will conduct mock defenses and complete all components of the thesis publication. At the conclusion of the course, students will successfully submit their thesis publication to ProQuest.
1 - 4 Credits
An independent study allows graduate students in the Photography and Related Media program the ability to study in a specialized area with an individual faculty member. Students, with the assistance of a faculty adviser, should propose a course of study or project with clearly defined goals and outcomes. Students must obtain permission of an instructor and complete the Independent Study Permission Form to enroll. **NOTE: Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA *
3 Credits
An introduction to digital photography – technical, aesthetic, conceptual – for non-photography majors. Through weekly assignments, students will become familiar with the operation of a DSLR camera body/lens, while exploring the basic principles of lighting, depth of field, design, blur/stop motion, accurate exposure, and image manipulation. Lectures will address photographic aesthetics, contemporary and historical practices, and professional applications. Students will learn to critique work through participation in discussions of photographic assignments. Students are required to have their own DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. Non-photo majors only. This course maybe repeated. "Fee – There is a lab fee required for this course**
3 Credits
This course, the first part of a two-semester sequence, will introduce students to the exposure and development of black and white film and the procedures for making high quality black and white photographic prints in a traditional darkroom with chemicals, safe lights and enlargers. Included in this course are 35mm, medium and large-format cameras, variables in making fine black and white prints and techniques for archival and museum quality processes and methods of display. Students must have access to a film camera with adjustable exposure controls. Each student will produce a finished portfolio of black and white fine prints.
1 - 3 Credits
Photography Independent Study will provide students with the ability to study in a specialized area with an individual faculty member. Students, with the assistance of a faculty adviser, will propose a course of study. Photography Independent Study students must obtain permission of an instructor and complete the Independent Study Permission Form to enroll.
3 Credits
This course prepares students for entering a career in the arts. Course content covers practical information related to professional practice such as crafting a CV, grant writing, writing an artist’s statement, creating a professional application packet and researching exhibition spaces and other opportunities for artists.

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Kelly, Angela. Keeper of the hearth: picturing roland barthes' unseen photograph,. By Odette England. 15 Mar. 2020. Houston Center of Photography, Houston TX. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Solo Exhibit: Traces of Catharsis and Lament. Apr. 2019. Allcott Gallery and Museum, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC., Chapel Hill, NC. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. “Women Power Protest”. Nov. 2018. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, England, UK., Birmingham, England. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. “A Few Conversations Between Women”. Sep. 2018. 808 Gallery, Boston University, Art Galleries., Boston. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Anti- Nostalgia. Oct. 2018. The Carrick Gallery and Museum, Durham, NC. The Carrick Gallery and Museum, Durham, NC., Durham, NC. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Mary Somerville,Lewis Hine and Me. 2017. TBA, London. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. A Green and Pleasant Land: British Landscape and the Imagination: 1970s to Now. 30 Sep. 2017. Towner Art Gallery, Museum Center, Eastbourne, England, UK. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. CIAS Faculty Exhibition :. Sep. 2017. Bevier Gallery / William Harris Gallery, Rochester. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Colorful Colliding-International Visual Arts. Sep. 2017. Beijing HBJ flying art Co., Ltd, Bejing, China. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Every Woman. Jun. 2017. Industry City, Brooklyn, NY. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Images of the Silk Road: Tianshui Photographic Biennale. 10 Jun. 2016. Tianshui Photography Biennale, Tianshui, China, Tianshui, China. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Landscape Photo Show. Jan. 2016. ATP Gallery, New York, NY. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. House and Home,. 1 Dec. 2015. National Building Museum, Washington DC, USA. Installation.
Kelly, Angela. Jay Tichy: Aroundcenter, Chrysalis Series. 6 Jun. 2014. The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. pal.imp.sest - An Installation of Photographs and Objects. 2 Feb. 2014. Sunken Gallery, Wallace Center RIT, Rochester NY. Installation.
Kelly, Angela. Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast, Solo Exhibit. 6 Oct. 2014. Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art, Demorest GA. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Here and Elsewhere. Jan. 2013. Cazenovia Gallery, Cazenovia College, NY, 2013, Cazenovia. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. House and Home. 2013. The Building Museum, Washington DC. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Palimpsest. 7 Dec. 2013. Sunken Gallery, Wallace Center, Rochester. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Regarding Place: A Photo Media Invitational. Director. Kathryn Hubbard. 12 Jan. 2012. Tower Gallery, Brockport. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. House and Home. 11 Apr. 2012. National Building Museum, Washington DC. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Here and Elsewhere. 8 Nov. 2012. Cazenovia, NY. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Jan Tichy reorders the Museum of Contemporary Photography. 29 Nov. 2012. Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, Chicago. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. 2011 3rd Dali, International Photography Exhibition: "Life is Elsewhere". Sep. 2011. Dali, Yunnan Province, China. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Poetry Science and The Photograph. Mar. 2011. Trois Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. Poetry, Science and The Photograph. Oct. 2011. North Light Gallery, Tempe Az. Exhibit.
Kelly, Angela. "Spirit of Saltonstall". Director. Dan Larkin. Jul. 2011. Tompkins Library, Ithaca. Exhibit.
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Kelly, Angela. "Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast." New York/New Belfast: Be the Bridge. Irish American Historical Society, 5th Ave, NYC. New York, NY. 12 Jun. 2019. Conference Presentation.
Kelly, Angela. "Lament:Traces of the 19c. Famine in the Contemporary Irish Landscape-." The 7th Annual Irish Studies Program Conference explores the Great Irish Famine through social and historical contexts. St. John Fisher College. Rochester, New York. 13 Apr. 2018. Conference Presentation.
Kelly, Angela, Jae Hyun Seok,, and Jeong Lok Lee. "State of Photography." Tianshui Biennale. Xi'an College of Art , Xi'an China. Xi'an, "ŽShaanxi Province. 16 Jun. 2016. Guest Lecture.
Kelly, Angela. "Lament." 2nd Photo Media Conference, Aalto University, Helsinki Finland. Aalto University. Helsinki, Finland. 27 Mar. 2014. Conference Presentation.
Kelly, Angela. "Lament." Ulster-American Heritage Symposium. Ireland's Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University. Hamden, Conn. 18 Jun. 2014. Lecture.
Kelly, Angela. "Lament." American Conference Irish Studies. St. John Fisher College. Pittsford, NY. 15 Nov. 2013. Lecture.
Kelly, Angela, et al. "Art 21 Panel Discussion." Art 21 Panel and Discussion. RIT. Rochester, NY. 15 Oct. 2013. Address.
Kelly, Angela. "Irish Literature: Traces of the 19c Famine in the Contemporary Irish Landscape." College of Liberal Arts. RIT. Rochester, NY. 11 Apr. 2013. Lecture.
Kelly, Angela and Deborah Schultz, Richmond American University London, Emily Fuggle, Curator, Imperial War Museum, London. "A Question of Context: Panel Discussion." Family Ties: Recollection and Representation. Institute of Germanic and Romantic Studies, The John Coffin Memorial Trust, University of London. London, UK. 8 Mar. 2012. Conference Presentation.
Kelly, Angela, Charlotte Cotton, and David Bate. "Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast." Ist. Biennial Photomedia Theory Conference. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki, Finland. 28 Mar. 2012. Lecture.
Kelly, Angela. "The Photographic Essay." Photography and the Artists Book Symposium. Manchester University, Lancaster, England co hosted with Salford University, Salford, England. Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, UK. 21 Oct. 2011. Conference Presentation.
Residence, Artist in. "Lament." Artist in Residence Program. Burren College of Art. Ireland, Ballyvaughan, Ireland. 1 Aug. 2011. Conference Presentation.
Kelly, Angela. "Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast." University of Plymouth. University of Plymouth. Plymouth, England, UK. 31 Oct. 2011. Guest Lecture.
Kelly, Angela. "Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast." Symposium: Photography and the Artist Book Salford University. Salford University. Salford, Lancs, England. 20 Oct. 2011. Guest Lecture.
Kelly, Angela. "Recent Photography by Angela Kelly." Visiting Artist Series. Carlisle University. Carlisle University, Carlisle, England, UK. 10 Nov. 2011. Guest Lecture.
Book Chapter
Kelly, Angela. "Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast, Chapter 3." 10 Must Reads Contemporary Photograph. Ed. Graeme Farnell. Edinburgh, UK: Museums ETC, 2016. 58-73. Print.
Kelly, Angela. "Revisiting Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast." Photography and the Artist's Book. Ed. Theresa Wilkie, Jonathan Carson & Rosie Miller.. Edinburgh, UK: Museum ETC, 2012. 174-193. Print.
Published Conference Proceedings
Kelly, Angela. "Neither Here nor There." Proceedings of the Photography and Britishness. Ed. Martine Droth. New Haven, Ct.: Yale Center for British Art, 2016. Web.
Journal Paper
Kelly, Angela. "Catharsis: Images of Post-conflict Belfast." Photographies 6. 1 (2013): 83-109. Print.
Invited Paper
Kelly, Angela. "Foreword: The Photograph and The Album." The Photograph and The Album. (2013). Print.
Published Review
Rafferty, Rebecca. "Complicating the Identity Narrative." Rev. of Regarding Place, ed. Karen vanMeenan. After-Image: The Journal of Media and Cultural Criticism 1 Jul. 2012: 32-33. Print.
Formal Presentation
Kelly, Angela. “Afterthe Fact: Making a Photographic Record of the Past.” 98th Annual Conference, College Art Association. 12 February 2010.Presentation.
Kelly, Angela. Catharsis: Images of Post Conflict Belfast. Stone Canoe Art Exhibition. XL Projects Gallery, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University. Syracuse, NY. 6 - 24 Jan. 2010. Exhibition.
Published Article
Kelly, Angela. “Images from the series, Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict Belfast.” Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts and Ideas from Upstate New York, (2010): 135-136. Print. *