Welcome to the College of Art and Design! Here, you'll find Orientation information and resources that will help you start your journey at RIT. 

Information specific to graduate students can be found near the bottom of the page. For university-wide information and resources regarding Orientation 2021, visit RIT's Orientation website.

Hardware/Software Recommendations

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As an RIT student, you are eligible for academic discounts on most computer hardware and software that you will need. Please find a list of recommended equipment on our CADTech website.

Property Insurance

A student holds up a large microphone on a film set in MAGIC Spell Studios.

Students using RIT-owned or their own equipment while away at college should strongly consider purchasing property insurance. While many people assume their homeowner’s policy will cover loss, theft, damage or other costs for school equipment, this is not always the case. College of Art and Design families may want to consider this low-cost insurance policy option made available through RIT. Students (especially those in photo and film programs) can potentially be checking out equipment valued at over $10,000 and are responsible for replacement costs, in the case of loss, theft, damage. This is the same insurance plan many of our faculty use (Please note: students traveling abroad with RIT equipment are required to show proof of insurance before checking out equipment).

Property insurance at RIT brochure

If you have any questions, please contact us at artdesign.advising@rit.eduFor prompt service, please provide your full name, major and university ID in any communications with us, now and in the future.

Graduate Student Information

Below, incoming graduate students will find a welcome letter — with information about important events and helpful resources — from the graduate director of their respective program. Additionally, you can check out the fall 2021 Orientation presentation and find general graduate student information on our Inside CAD site.

Artist Wear

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Start your RIT journey looking good in ARTIST Wear! T-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colors are available. Proceeds support the RIT College of Art and Design Honors Program, which hosts social, service-based and educational events to help students destress, meet peers and inform their careers.

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