About the Battery Prototyping Seminar

Join us for a special educational seminar hosted by the RIT Battery Prototyping Center and Shmuel De-Leon Energy.

The 2-day seminar will be held in Rochester, NY USA, and includes scientific lectures on lithium ion battery materials, technology, and hands-on training on the best cell fabrication practices from both academic and industry experts.

The seminar includes both theoretical (in-class) and practical (hands-on) training in Li-ion manufacturing technology. During the laboratory training, attendees will receive hands-on experience using the RIT Battery Prototyping Center’s semi-automated pouch cell production equipment. Laboratory training will be provided on mixing techniques, blade coating, electrode drying and calendaring, electrode punching, cell stacking, tab welding, electrolyte filling.

The corresponding lecture program gives insights into the latest battery materials, electrode processing, and pouch cell technology trends which includes the newest manufacturing equipment. Methods for formation cycles and cell aging will be discussed. Attendees will receive training on charge/discharge schedule design and battery data analysis and interpretation.

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Matthew Ganter

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Matthew Ganter

Dr. Matthew Ganter is the Co-Director of the Battery Prototyping Center (BPC) at RIT. The BPC is a partnership between RIT and NY-BEST that works with companies and universities to demonstrate new battery technologies in commercially accepted form factors. Dr. Ganter’s research interests include nanomaterials, energy storage, and sustainable energy technologies with a focus on high-energy density lithium ion designs. Dr. Ganter has been a research scientist and investigator on Department of Defense, state, and commercial funded battery projects for the past 10 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Sustainability from RIT and has authored or co-authored 22 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited more than 800 times.

Headshot of Shmuel De-Leon.

Shmuel De-Leon

Founder and CEO,
Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.

Shmuel De-Leon

Shmuel De-Leon, Founder and CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. Shmuel is a leading international expert in the business of Energy storage and batteries. Prior to founding the company, Shmuel held for over 21 years various positions as an energy storage, electronic engineering and quality control team manager. Shmuel holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an Electronic Technician’s diploma.

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