Tech Skills to Have | Part 8: Mobile App Updates

Tech Skills to Have | Part 8: Mobile App Updates

Welcome to another “Tech Skills to Have!” In this edition, we’ll give you a quick update to the newly improved RIT Mobile App.

RIT Live Bus Tracking

RIT’s new transportation provider comes with many great new features, a major one being  the ability to see the location of all buses in real-time, as well as announcements that might impact your ride. The web app can be found here and mobile apps here (Android/iOS).

RIT Dining

With the new update to the RIT Mobile app comes a new exciting feature to dining services. Now all dining locations on campus will feature an open or close label to let students know for a fact if the dining location is open or not. So no more guessing during holidays or late night snacking what locations are open on campus.


Also if you are unfamiliar with RIT’s dining services here is a great video that gives a tour of RIT’s dining services from a student perspective:

RIT Hockey Tickets

Are you tired of waiting in lines to purchase tickets for a hockey game, concert or any other major RIT events? Are you tired of going all the way to the ticket booths to find out the availability for tickets? If so, now RIT has a solution for both! You can now purchase tickets through the mobile app or at Now you can see all the different events, their dates AND the availability! So quit waiting in long lines and get your tickets online now!

Mohammad is a fourth year Computer Engineering major with a minor in Psychology. Mohammad first became professionally involved in social media by helping to launch this very site, RIT Behind the Bricks. He has a background of 6 years plus in advance web design.

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