Tech Skills to Have | Part 9: Supercharge Gmail

Tech Skills to Have | Part 9: Supercharge Gmail

Welcome to another “Tech Skills to Have!” In this edition, I’ll give you some quick tips and tricks on how to get even more out of your Gmail account!

You may be asking yourself, what is Google labs? Well, in short it is a settings page within Gmail that allows users to try and test new projects created just for the Gmail experience. Google described Google Labs as “a playground where our more adventurous users can play around with prototypes of some of our wild and crazy ideas and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them.” First things first, accessing Google Labs is very easy:

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Click the “Settings”  button in the top right corner
  • Go to the “Labs” tab
  • Done!

Now the questions become, which one(s) should I use? Well, these “labs” require no installation or download so you can enable and disable labs instantly. Some of the ones I personally like to use are:

  • Authentication icon for verified senders – This is a handy lab that will tell you straight off the bat which emails are from a secure sender account with a simple green lock icon .
  • Mark as Read Button – Pretty self-explanatory, but a nice time saver.
  • Unread message icon – Have you ever wanted to see how many unread emails await with a quick glance like on Facebook and other social media sites. Well, this lab will do just that! The tab icon of your Gmail will turn into a live updated counter that will display your current unread emails.

Gmail Tips

Now let’s talk tips and tricks. Have you ever by mistake sent out an email and just after you pressed send you noticed something wrong? Well, Gmail has a quick fix for that. A newly implemented feature within Gmail now always users to undo a sent email within a given timeframe. This can be easily enabled within the main settings page of your Gmail account as shown below.

Since the beginning of chain emails, people have been looking for a way to quietly and easily slip out of those 20+ emails with their moms and aunts who are just talking about the best cat memes. Maybe you do not want to be notified every time a recipient replies to another person within the chain email using reply-all instead of reply (looking at you Uncle Basem). Today, I share with you a one click solution: mute. This will allow you to escape that “reply-all email thread” and others instantly.



Last on the list are keyboard shortcuts. Many of us use them for programs like Microsoft Word, Chrome and others, but how many of us think of Gmail having shortcuts? Believe it or not Gmail has shortcuts built in from “add cc recipients” to “insert a link” and much more. To see this list, simply within Gmail press Shift+? on your keyboard and Gmail will present a complete list of shortcuts.

I hope you enjoyed this latest edition of “Tech Skills to Have.” Until Next Time! 





Mohammad is a fourth year Computer Engineering major with a minor in Psychology. Mohammad first became professionally involved in social media by helping to launch this very site, RIT Behind the Bricks. He has a background of 6 years plus in advance web design.

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