Tech Skills|Part 10: Backup Photos/Videos

Tech Skills|Part 10: Backup Photos/Videos

Welcome to another “Tech Skills to Have!” In this edition, you will learn the best way to back up an unlimited amount of photos without any new accounts!

These days we tend to take a lot of photos on our mobile phones, from selfies to scenery photos comes a few difficulties. If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve probably asked yourself:

  • I have no more space on my phone! What do I do now?
  • Are my photos backed up? What if I lost/break my phone?
    • My Grandma doesn’t have Facebook. How can I share my photos with her?

Well, you can answer all of these problems and many other issues with one program: Google Photos. Google photos is FREE to use for anyone with a Google account, which for means any RIT student since our emails are registered with Google. In short, Google Photos lets you store, organize and share all your photos. To keep this straight to the point, the following steps will allow you to store from any device (Android/iOS) an UNLIMITED amount of photos/videos.

Notable Features:

  • The program is smart enough to recognize duplicate files and skip uploading them (saving you time and data).
  • It will even create animations & collages automatically
  • It provides you a built-in image editor right off the bat.


  1. Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device (Download Link: Android/iOS)
  2. After the initial feature/tip you will be presented with a login screen (use your favorite Google account)
  3. Now you will need to enter a few settings about what you want to back up and whether or not you want to back up using your cellular data. (I personally will back up everything but do it only when connected to Wi-Fi)
  4. The next and last step is selecting what upload size you want. Now for UNLIMTED storage of your photos/videos use the setting “High quality” (free unlimited storage).
  5. Done!


Mohammad is a fourth year Computer Engineering major with a minor in Psychology. Mohammad first became professionally involved in social media by helping to launch this very site, RIT Behind the Bricks. He has a background of 6 years plus in advance web design.

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