Five Ways to “Go Green” in your Dorm

Five Ways to “Go Green” in your Dorm

Spring is officially here! Yes, yes, surely you just looked out the window closest to you and snarked a bit. The white blanket covering campus is a clear indication that spring had really only arrived in our calendars. But in the meantime, as we wait for green to peek out from underneath all the snow, here are 5 ways that you can turn your room more green:

1. Actually use the recycle bins provided by the school.

Okay, yes, this might seem super obvious. But admit it, how many times were you just too lazy to go over to the recycle bin on the other side of your room to recycle that can, when your own personal trash can was just right there. Recycling really is the very basis of living a more environmentally conscious life, and RIT makes it simple by providing all the on campus housing with adequate resources to be able to recycle their waste. So really, why shouldn’t you be doing it already?


2. Reduce your use of paper products.

Admittedly, using some paper plates and cups when you order take out with your roomates does seem like the easier option. Once you’re done, you can just toss everything and move on with your life. But that’s a lot of waste that adds up, and it’s trash that you’re going to then have to take out (the horror!) after it starts stinking up your room. Instead, you could buy a small set of reusable dishware and keep it on hand. It won’t take long to clean and just think of how much less waste you will be producing!


3. Get a water filter/water bottle.

Water is necessary. Plastic bottles are not. So rather than buying a bottle of water in the vending machines between classes when thirst suddenly strikes you, invest a couple more dollars and buy yourself a water bottle for on the go and a water filter for your dorm mini fridge so you can always have refreshingly cold water on hand for all those late nights. If you’re concerned with the quality of water you put into your bottle, you can also get water bottles with mini filters in them!  


4. Donate to and stock up next year at Goodbye, Goodbuy!

Look around – how many things in your room did you buy at Target this past summer thinking they were going to be absolute necessities and now you haven’t touched them even once? The purchases we make furnishing and decorating our college spaces can be some of the biggest waste-producers. So when move out rolls around, make sure that you donate what you can to the Goodbye, Goodbuy! bins that will be around campus – and when you’re looking to stock up for the necessities next fall – check out their sale. By giving these objects a second life, not only will the environment thank you, but so will your wallet!


5. Purchase a plant for your room.

Did you know that indoor air pollutants are among the top five public health concerns in the country? And we’re not saying that your room fits in that category, but admit it, that funky smell of move-in day never really went away. So rather than fighting with your roommate over what scent of Febreze to spray down the room with, consider getting a plant.

House plants can help to purify the air in your space. That little touch of green can also do wonders for your mood and productivity. Taking care of a plant really doesn’t have to be that hard, and it’s a great way to bring some life and freshness into your room. Learn more about some common house plants that are good air purifiers and are almost impossible to kill!


So how are you going to change up your space for spring? Let us know – you can tweet us @RITBehindBricks

Lea is an Industrial Design student with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Lea dedicates her time on campus to Cru, and she loves trying unusual ice cream flavors, swing dancing, and bullet journaling.

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