3 Ways to Scratch Your Entrepreneurial Itch

3 Ways to Scratch Your Entrepreneurial Itch

Believe it or not, the ability to have an intermittent snowstorm and sunshine day in April is not the only thing that sets RIT apart from other schools. Here on campus, we pride ourselves in housing one of the leading centers for innovation and makerspaces in the county. The Albert J. Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship works to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship activities here on campus. But how can you get involved? Here are just three of the ways that you can jump into the cool things happening over in the Simone Center:

  1. Tiger Tank Competition 

    Think Shark Tank, but RIT style – get the reference now? This past Thursday, RIT held the finals of this year’s Tiger Tank competition where the top five teams out of the original 70 competed for the cash prizes and the grand prize of a full graduate scholarship at The Saunders College of Business. Applications usually open early  in the spring semester and anyone with a early stage product or service with foreseeable commercial impact is free to apply to get the chance to pitch their idea before a panel of judges.

  2. Innovator’s HourIf the whole, get-in-front-of-people-and-pitch-your-idea thing sounds extremely scary to you, or maybe if you just don’t feel like you have a well enough developed product yet, or maybe you just want to see what other students are doing, Innovator’s Hour may be the place for you. This research organization meets weekly and offers many opportunities like prototyping, networking with like-minded individuals, discussion about business and innovative ideas, and connections to coaches and researchers in the appropriate fields.

    The groups has a very fluid structure and its doors are always welcome to new members, so if you’re interested, check out their website or follow their social media @Innovator’s Hour.


  3. IdeaLabIf you’re ever bored on a weekend, and it just happens to be the right weekend, you should find yourself at IdeaLab. This collaborative program with Rochester Regional Healthcare occurs twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring semester and it’s an opportunity for students from various disciplines to all come together in a weekend design blitz. Students are divided into teams based on which of the proposed project ideas they choose and they have the weekend to come up with their designs and propose them to a panel. Some of the winning projects have gone on to earn course credit in Applied Entrepreneurship and learn their potential to become start-up businesses.

So will you have the next winning idea? Check out the Simone Center’s website to learn more about these and other opportunities they offer.

Lea is an Industrial Design student with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Lea dedicates her time on campus to Cru, and she loves trying unusual ice cream flavors, swing dancing, and bullet journaling.

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