End of the Year Tips: Dining Plans

End of the Year Tips: Dining Plans

It’s almost the end of the year Tigers, and now is probably a pretty stressful time. Finals are coming up, projects are due, but one thing you shouldn’t need to worry about is what to do with your Dining Plan as the end of the year approaches. Here are some tips on how to manage what you have left:

If you’re running low, this is an easy solution. If you’re on a meal plan and you’re running out of Dining Dollars or Tiger Bucks, you can add more at no extra charge. You can add any amount you want at any time on eServices. At the end of the spring semester (on May 12), all dining plans expire. So, don’t add too many. You can add little amounts in increments, to ensure you’re not adding too much money.

If you have too many Dining Dollars/Tiger Bucks to spend by the end of the year, this is a more complex problem. However there are tons of ways you can spend your money, so you don’t feel like it is just going to waste. Unfortunately, RIT cannot refund you any excess money you’re not going to use.

Dining Dollars Overload:

  • If you have too many dining dollars, do not use your tiger bucks on anything you can use your dining dollars on. Tiger Bucks can be used on so many more things, whereas dining dollars are restricted.
  • Explore dining places other than Gracie’s. Don’t use your meal swipes, treat yourself to one of RIT’s other dining options.
  • It’s almost final’s week which means everyone is working hard. Load up on study snacks, treats, and drinks. Hit up the on campus coffee shops and get yourself a muffin, a coffee, or even a large caramel iced latte with an extra shot of espresso and whipped cream (the more decadent and expensive, the better).
  • Don’t forget about vending machines. If you are in a classroom or the library and you don’t want to walk to one of RIT’s dining options to get a snack, use your Dining Dollars on food at the vending machines.
  • Head over to any of the on campus markets and stock up on food for your room, or food to take home with you for the summer. Try to buy non-perishable items if you’re planning on keeping them for a while.

Tiger Bucks Overload:

  • Go off campus and eat well. Seriously, don’t hold back on the drinks, appetizers, and dessert.  Here is a list of restaurants you can use your Tiger Bucks off campus.  
  • Don’t hold back on your order at Java’s. Again, this is the one time you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering decadent drinks. Embrace it.
  • Go to shop one and treat yourself or your loved ones to something nice.
  • Get pampered at Shear Global. A relaxing salon day might be exactly what you need to stay relaxed in the upcoming weeks.
  • There is tons of interesting stuff in the RIT Barnes and Noble. Check out the textbooks you need for next year, supplies that you’re running low on, or stock up on some more RIT swag.
  • Get your everyday products and cosmetics at CVS Pharmacy. If you need some last minute products to get you through the end of the year, such as toilet paper, shampoo, eyeliner, medicine, or anything along those lines, this might be a good option.
  • Invest in some new equipment at RIT Digital Den. They sell Apple products and a lot of different electronic equipment. If it’s time to upgrade your stuff, use the rest of what you have towards something new.

General Recommendations:

  • Treat your friends. You may know some people that are running low, and do a good thing to help them out a bit. Go out to eat with them, unwind and treat them to lunch, or a snack.
  • Buy canned or non perishable items and donate them to a local food shelter. It is a good act of kindness, and allows people to have the food they really need.
  • When your family comes to help you move out at the end of the year, treat them to a feast. After you’re all done unloading those heavy boxes, go finish off your Tiger Bucks or Dining Dollars somewhere nice.

It really depends on your situation what the best option is for using your leftover Dining Dollars or Tiger Bucks. But don’t stress, there is still plenty of time in the year to use them. Good luck with the rest of the year Tigers!

Shayna is a Graphic Design major and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and PR. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Shayna binge watches Netflix and plays on the RIT Women’s Tennis Team.

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