Shop One Grad Gift Guide

Shop One Grad Gift Guide

Graduation is right around the corner. If this is news to you, you might find yourself suddenly scrambling to find a gift for the grad in your life. Or maybe you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for months and nothing seems to be quite right. Well you’re in luck – Shop One at RIT is offering 15% off storewide in celebration of graduation and below we have five of our top grad gifts!

For the grad that pulled way too many all nighters: Wake Coffee

We all know that one person who, without a doubt, would always be walking around with a cup of coffee in hand. It’s likely that the late nights habit won’t be one easily broken, so to help remedy those difficult Mondays and dark under-eye circles, you can pick up a bag of Wake coffee beans.
Wake Coffee was started by two RIT grads looking to utilize the latest a greatest technology to roast and deliver fine coffee. There are three types of beans you can purchase – all sources from farmers supported by co-ops and then roasted in-house in Ambler, PA.

For the grad who loves game night: Lost&Found

A game is really a gift that keeps on giving – it can provide countless hours of fun and entertainment. Lost&Found is a historical strategy card game developed by a team of researchers and designers from RIT in collaboration with the MAGIC center. This is the first game in a series, and it aims to enhance public understanding of religion; as a card game, it can get pretty intense- any and all can win, but if anyone goes destitute – everyone loses, so watch out!

For the grad who wants their own garden: Composter

We live in a world where most people are aiming to be more environmentally conscious, but let’s be honest, some of us are a lot farther than others. This beautifully designed composter is the perfect gift for anyone looking to start their composting journey and convert organic waste to enrich the soil of their garden. The composter itself is also made of durable, yet biodegradable material so it has a very minuscule impact on the environment.

For the grad who is a total nut job (but still loves the finer things in life): Torq Nutcracker

This nutcracker is not just any ordinary nutcracker. Josh Owen’s 3D printed design for OTHR most recently received an honorable mention in the European Product Design Award 2018. This $165 piece of fine design is a total “would never buy that for themselves” type of item, but if you’re looking to splurge on your grad, this minimalist piece of home accessory is a beautiful piece to invest in.

For the grad who is always making mistakes: Tiger Eraser

Need a way to make a subtle nod to the fact that your grad still doesn’t have their life together? But you still want to remind them that RIT is where it all started? This Kikkerland Tiger Erase will allow any grad to pounce on their mistakes and be reminded that no mistake is too big for the prowess of an RIT Tiger!

Lea is an Industrial Design student with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Lea dedicates her time on campus to Cru, and she loves trying unusual ice cream flavors, swing dancing, and bullet journaling.

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