5 Tips for Crushing your Summer Classes at RIT

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5 Tips for Crushing your Summer Classes at RIT

Ugh, summer classes. They can be really tough, especially when nice weather is rare in Rochester. During the summer, there aren’t many students on campus; it might feel a bit empty. Under all these circumstances, it can be difficult to keep your motivation running high. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do well in your classes. Summer classes actually have a lot of perks to them! Here are five tips to keep in mind so you can crush your summer classes at RIT.

Tip 1: Stay Organized

Because RIT summer classes are condensed semesters, they move a lot faster. You will learn the same amount of course content in six or twelve weeks. With the picked up pace, it is important to stay organized and be on top of all the assignments given to you. 

Tip 2: Study Outsidereading-925589_1280.jpg

Let’s face it, the weather in Rochester isn’t always ideal. However, summers in Rochester are beautiful! Take advantage of sunny days and study outside. Getting some fresh air and sunshine will put you in a better mood, and will probably help you be more productive. 

Tip 3: Use All of Your Resources

Retaking the class? Use your previous notes to save you a little time on studying. Refer back to these frequently if you get lost, a little brain refresher might help clear things up.

New to the class? If you know any of your friends who took it during the previous school year, they may be able to help you if you get stuck.

Taking an online class? The teacher will provide you with more than enough resources to do well, but the Internet is always a handy and helpful tool.

Tip 4: Socialize With Your Classmates

Most of your friends probably aren’t taking these classes with you. Luckily, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. Talk to your classmates and maybe you’ll be able to hang out in Global Village after class, find study buddies, or make good friends for next year. Most of all, it will be great to know other people in your shoes; you will all be able to motivate each other throughout the summer. photo-1460518451285-97b6aa326961.jpeg

Tip 5: Stay Positive

The most important thing to do in order to be successful in summer classes is to stay positive. If you go in with a bad mindset, chances are you won’t do very well. If you are positive and are making the most out of it, you actually might find yourself enjoying the class you take. RIT offers some really interesting classes with some really knowledgeable professors, and you might really like it!

There are opportunities to take classes online or on campus so you can choose whichever is best for you. Summer classes are a great way to get the credits you need. You can get them done quickly, which will help you catch up or get ahead. You’ve got this Tigers! Work hard, stay motivated, and have a great summer.

Shayna is a Graphic Design major and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and PR. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Shayna binge watches Netflix and plays on the RIT Women’s Tennis Team.

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