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Recap: Saunders Business Investor Demo Night

So you think you’ve got what it takes to launch a business? The auditorium lights are dimmed. The stage lights come on. Your picture comes on the screen. You take those couple of steps down to make it onto the stage. You fumble a little with your microphone. “Testing, testing…” It’s go time. The next […]

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The College Experience: Resources Available to RIT Students

In our first installment of the College Experience, we mentioned the Academic Support Center is a great resource that you should get familiar with. Stepping into life at RIT, we wanted to give you the low-down on even more resources available to you! Here are some of the most common resources you might need, as […]

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The Ultimate RIT Packing List

Although this question may be the most feared as an incoming freshman, it is still in everyone’s mind: What should I pack when I go back? There are many college-packing lists online, but RIT is a unique place. There are many different types of dorms and apartments that require different things to bring. No matter […]

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