The College Experience: Resources Available to RIT Students

The College Experience: Resources Available to RIT Students

In our first installment of the College Experience, we mentioned the Academic Support Center is a great resource that you should get familiar with. Stepping into life at RIT, we wanted to give you the low-down on even more resources available to you! Here are some of the most common resources you might need, as well as a few you may have not thought about!

When you still need to buys something for your residence hall/apartment:

  • Goodbye, Goodbuy! 
    • Each May during move-out, RIT students donate things they no longer need to Goodbye, Goodbuy! and come August 21st (new-student orientation) students are able to shop the cornucopia and give new homes to the things they were going to guy anyways (at much better prices)!
  • BJs with student ID
    • With your valid RIT ID, you can have a free membership to BJ’s Wholesale (located off of Jefferson Road). Stock up at the beginning of the year with some bulk essentials in order to save money in the long run!
  • Digital Den
    • With it’s new on-campus location (in Monroe Hall, near Artesano’s) the Digital Den, is the authorized Apple Campus Store and your one stop shop for your technology needs at discounted prices! It is also has several photography products and is home to The Hub Express.

When you’re having a conflict with your roommate:

  • Your RA
    • Okay, yes, we know that you’re going to hear this a million times during orientation, but your RAs? They’re super important. They’re your first life-line when things are going south with your roomates when one of them hasn’t taken out the trash for three weeks and the room is starting to smell. So get to know your RA, they are an invaluable resource to you in the residence halls. They will may even host events for your floor or even with other floors which are great ways to make new friends. If you need help with laundry or writing an FMS report when your window doesn’t open, they are there to help.
  • Ombuds office 
    • If ever there arises a conflict that you feel like you need further resolution or coaching on conflict resolving, the Ombuds office can be a great place for you to go for confidential, neutral and independent assistance.

When you need help with academics:

  • Study Tool Kit 
    • So we mentioned the Academic Support Center last week, and part of the reason why they are such a great place to go is due to the plethora of resources they offer RIT students. One of our favorites in the Study Toolkit – a comprehensive tool for keeping on top of your classes and studying that you can totally personalize to your academic needs!
  • Disability Service Office 
    • This office is a your place to go in matters such as requesting alternate testing locations, RIT/NTID disability services and a plethora of other disability services.
  • Writing Commons 
    • Located in the library, the writing commons provide writing support for all RIT students at all levels. They offer one-on-one personal consultations with peers and writing consultants as well as group sessions and online support!

When you have questions about your major or your classes:

  • Your academic advisor
    • As a first year student, your academic advisor will select your classes for the first semester, but if you have any questions or concerns, they are your first stop. You can find your specific major’s advisor by visiting the advising office website of your college
  • Office of Career Services and Cooperative education
    • This office in an invaluable resources for all your job and co-op related questions. They also offer career counseling sessions in order to help you recognize some of your strengths and design your college experience to tailor your needs. If you ever want to change your major, they also offer Q&A sessions for you!

Obviously, these are just the tip of the iceberg – if you want to find a more comprehensive list of resources available to RIT students, click here.

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