Things You Might Not Know About RIT Dining Services

Things You Might Not Know About RIT Dining Services

While most of the Rochester Institute of Technology community knows the many dining locations we have on campus, there are many things Dining Services offers that you may not be aware of. Check them out below!

Dining Services delivers

By visiting the link above, you have the ability to begin your order for pick-up or delivery. After you fill out the form with the date, time and the location, you will then be presented with a menu. For those who would like to order items for larger functions, such as full pizzas, bagel trays, pastry trays, etc., the delivery option is for you! While many of the dining locations on campus are close to where you may be, the delivery menu has some limitations and varies based on your selected location. Check if delivery works for your gathering and order now!

Dining Services has a dietitian

Did you know that Dining Services has a registered dietitian? Her name is Mary Anne McQuay, and she is a food and nutrition professional. She finds it extremely important for students to be able to find healthy food options right on campus, as well as various preferences to be taken note of. Specifically, she is a great resource for those with food allergies and can help students put a plan of action together. McQuay is open to answering  questions regarding campus nutrition, and can be emailed at Learn more about our campus’ registered dietitian here!

Off-campus locations you can use Tiger Bucks

Most of the Rochester Institute of Technology community is well aware that you can use your Tiger Bucks off campus (and if you weren’t aware of that, your welcome!). Although many are aware of this, do you know all of the off-campus locations that they are actually accepted? Don’t worry, we’ve got them listed here for you! The locations include Applebee’s, B. Good, Barnes & Noble at RIT, Blaze Pizza, Calio’s, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Chipotle, CoreLife Eatery, CVS Pharmacy, Dairy Queen, Denny’s, DP Dough, Hoagies Deli Pizza, Jeremiah’s Tavern, Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Qdoba, Texas Bar-B-Q Joint, Tony Pepperoni, and Wings Over Rochester! The list changes often, so it is important to check this website for the current information. Whether you want a healthy salad from CoreLife Eatery, or a huge plate of lo mein from Mandarin Court, don’t forget that you can use your Tiger Bucks!

Using Dining Dollars saves you money (tax)

Some conversations we’ve heard around campus have to do with the benefits of using Dining Dollars over cash or a personal credit/debit card. We thought we’d address this, as it is extremely beneficial to know the pros of using Dining Dollars. By using Dining Dollars on campus, it allows you to save the 8% tax on both perishable and non perishable food items. While 8% may not sound like a lot, it definitely adds up as the semester goes on!

Tiger Bucks vs. Dining Dollars

Tiger Bucks and Dining Dollars are very similar, however they do have some key differences to take note of. Dining Dollars can be used for food purchases only (perishable and non perishable), they roll over semester to semester but not yearly, and they have no sales tax (8%). Tiger Bucks, on the other hand, can be used on food (perishable and non perishable) and non food items, they roll over semester to semester and year to year, you will be charged the 8% sales tax, and you can use them at our off-campus partner locations (listed above).

So now you know! Rochester Institute of Technology Dining offers a wide range of services that many don’t know about!  From delivery options, to countless off-campus locations you can use your Tiger Bucks at, our team here at Behind the Bricks is here to keep you in the loop!

Jacqueline is a New Media Marketing student, minoring in Psychology. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Jackie enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants!

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