Tiger Tips: Using Tiger Bucks Off-Campus

Tiger Tips: Using Tiger Bucks Off-Campus

Besides Dining Dollars and meal exchanges, RIT offers another debit account to its students, faculty, and staff – Tiger Bucks. What separates Tiger Bucks from the meal plan options, is this money can be used for more things and at more places. This form of debit lets you purchase non-food items, and it can be used at ALL places on campus (including Java’s) and a good number of places off-campus. The complete list of off-campus vendors can be found on RIT Dining’s website here.

The list is updated regularly and links you to each company’s websites. However, BTB wanted to create a guide that not only lists the vendors you can use Tiger Bucks at, but also tells you where these places are located, what you buy there, and some extra tidbits that the online list doesn’t tell you. We decided to break the list down into categories of the type of food each place serves. Including sit-down spots, pizzerias, Mexican grills, and many more – Tiger Bucks can get you just about anything your stomach is growling for.


If you’re craving some pizza and don’t want to stay on campus, you’re in luck. There are five restaurants that accept this form of payment. From traditional pizzas to calzones, Tiger Bucks can satisfy your hunger.

Blaze Pizza

Location: 1100 Jefferson Road, in the Henrietta Plaza

Serves: Customizable pizza, salads, desserts, and sides

Bonus: No matter how many toppings you put on your pizza, it’s still the same price! Gluten-free crust is also available


Location: 376 Jefferson Road, next to the South Town Plaza

Serves: Calzones – with over 40 to choose from, dessert calzones, appetizers (including wings, tots, and mozzarella sticks)

Bonus: It’s open till 4:00 am every single day of the week AND there’s delivery all night long

D.P. Dough

Location: 400 Jefferson Road, across from the South Town Plaza

Serves: Calzones, wings, tots, bread-sticks and cheese sticks

Bonus: On weekends it’s open till 4:00 am, there’s delivery, and you can construct your very own calzone into whatever you want it to be  

Hoagies Deli Pizza

Location: 1615 Scottsville Road

Serves: Pizza, calzones, wings, subs, burgers, hot dogs, garbage plates (a Rochester classic), appetizers, sides, and a handful of deserts

Bonus: There’s an entirely vegan menu, with loads of options to choose from. Delivery is also available

Tony Pepperoni

Location: 4164 West Henrietta Road, next to Dunkin’ Donuts

Serves: Pizzas, wings, subs, soups, salads, and pasta dishes

Bonus: There are specials offered daily and delivery is available. Plus, the business is family owned and operated, making it a Rochester specialty  


Whether you’re on the Chipotle or Moe’s side of the argument – Tiger Bucks can be used at both places. If you and your friends can’t agree on which one is better, maybe check out Qdoba instead?

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Location: 640 Jefferson Road, across the street from Wegmans and next to B. Good

Serves: Burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads

Bonus: Chipotle uses genuine, raw ingredients and cooks them fresh every day

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Location: 1100 Jefferson Road, in the Henrietta Plaza

Serves: Burritos, bowls, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads, and stacks

Bonus: You get free chips and salsa with every order (and if you run out, you can just ask for more). Moe’s also has a famous queso that we highly recommend trying out


Location: 300 Hylan Drive, right next to Wegmans and the Marketplace Mall

Serves: Burritos, bowls, tacos, salads (the taco salad is especially amazing), nachos, and soups

Bonus: Unlike the other two options, Qdoba serves breakfast, including breakfast burritos


There aren’t too many sit-downs and enjoy a nice long meal with your friends type of places available on campus. If you’re in the mood for something other than fast-food, take a look at this diverse list of restaurants that Tiger Bucks can be used at.


Location: 3360 West Henrietta Road, just past the South Town Plaza and next door to Taichi Bubble Tea

Serves: Grill and bar with lunch and dinner options, including steaks, ribs, burgers, pastas, seafood, and more

Bonus: There’s this awesome 2 for $20 deal if you’re looking to split the bill with a friend! For my 21 and older folks, every month there’s a special deal on a drink. This month it’s a Dollarita – aka a $1 margarita


Location: 911 Jefferson Road, about a block away from Wegmans  

Serves: Family-friendly diner with breakfast, lunch, and dinner  

Bonus: It’s open 24 hours! It may be not be Jay’s Diner, but it takes Tiger Bucks

Texas B-B-Q Joint

Location: 200 Park Point Drive, next to the apartments in the plaza with Barnes & Noble   

Serves: BBQ joint with lunch and dinner, including steaks, ribs, pork, brisket, chicken, fish, burgers, and more

Bonus: Lunch specials are offered every weekday, there’s a reward program, AND it’s technically not located on-campus, but it’s just a walk away


Sometimes the sit-down restaurants can be a little much. If you’re in a hurry, want your food fast, or are just looking for a quick bite to satisfy a craving – you can use your Tiger Bucks at these four places.

Barnes & Noble at RIT

Location: 100 Park Point Drive, in the plaza next to the apartments   

Serves: Starbucks beverages – including coffee, teas, smoothies, and more. Pastries and other snacks are also available  

Bonus: Along with the food, you can also use your Tiger Bucks to buy books, school supplies, accessories, and more

B. Good

Location: 640 Jefferson Road, across from Marketplace Drive and next to Chipotle

Serves: Burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads, kale & grain bowls, and even smoothies

Bonus: Seasonal items and ingredients are always used from local harvests – keeping the menu changing and supporting the local community

Corelife Eatery

Location: 100 Marketplace Drive, right by the movie theater

Serves:  Green bowls, grain bowls, rice bowls, broth bowls, and plates

Bonus: All the food is organic and GMO-free. Also a fun fact – the first one ever was actually opened in Syracuse, which isn’t too far from here!

CVS Pharmacy

Location: 2325 Marketplace Drive, by Target   

Serves: Quick snacks, microwavable foods, and other grab and go options

Bonus: Being a convenience store, you can use your Tiger Bucks on much more than food. Grab some beauty products, personal care items, household items, and more


Many of the places named are pretty well-known and chances are, you’ve tried them before. However, Tiger Bucks lets you try out some of the smaller known places. If you’re looking for a bar, some late night spots, or just a new eatery, these places are great.

Jeremiah’s Tavern

Location: 1175 Jefferson Road, across the street from Skyzone Trampoline Park    

Serves: Lunch and dinner, including wings, pizzas, soups, salads, tacos, wraps, sandwiches, pastas and more

Bonus: If you’re looking for a place to watch some sports, there are plenty of TVs on the walls and the employees will put on any channel you ask of them

Revolution Karaoke

Location: 400 Jefferson Road, across from the South Town Plaza     

Serves: Lunch and dinner, including rice, noodles, soups, chicken, pork, fish, and more  

Bonus: Just as the name says – there’s karaoke! Grab some friends and go sing some tunes  

Wings Over Rochester

Location: 2973 West Henrietta Road, near Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road  

Serves: Lunch and dinner, including wings, ribs, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more

Bonus: There are more than 20 sauces to choose from! Plus, delivery is available


Last, but certainly not least – there are a handful of take-out restaurants you are going to want to check out using your Tiger Bucks. Including Chinese, Indian, and American fast food, there’s so much to try out.

Dairy Queen

Location: 1100 Jefferson Road, next to Verizon and Five Guys     

Serves: Lunch, dinner, and dessert, including burgers, chicken, ice cream in all sorts of styles, and much more  

Bonus: DQ’s famous Blizzards should be enough – but there are $5 boxes with loads of stuff in ‘em. Plus, there are boxes of DQ’s novelties available to purchase, including Dilly Bars and Buster Bars

Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant

Location: 4139 West Henrietta Road, across from Tony Pepperoni

Serves: Chinese and Japanese dishes

Bonus: Delivery is available, equipped with an online order tracker. Another added bonus is the portions are always huge – usually resulting in lots of leftovers for some food the next day

Royal of India

Location: 300 Park Point Drive, in the plaza next to the apartments

Serves: Indian cuisine  

Bonus: If you order online you get 15% off your order! Plus, it’s in walking distance, so you can take a nice little stroll to pick it up from the store instead of driving

Now that you’ve got a whole guide to all the vendors, get off-campus and go explore all the tasty options! Let us know you’re favorite places in the comments below.

Sam is a recent graduate of RIT, with a degree in New Media Marketing with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. Outside of managing social media and writing for BTB, she loves listening to music, watching movies, and playing Sudoku in her free time.

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