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Shayna is a Graphic Design major and is pursuing a minor in Advertising and PR. Outside of writing for Behind the Bricks, Shayna binge watches Netflix and plays on the RIT Women’s Tennis Team.
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National Alcohol Screening Day

National Alcohol Screening Day was created by the National Institutes of Health to increase alcohol abuse awareness and alcoholism awareness. On the first screening day in 1999, 50,000 people visited the designated screening centers for guidance, including college students. It’s no secret that college is a time for many students to experiment with alcohol. However, […]

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Inside the Life of Studying Abroad at RIT Croatia

RIT Croatia, formerly known as the American College of Management and Technology, is one of the global campuses of RIT. RIT Croatia actually has two separate campuses; one in the coastal city of Dubrovnik and on in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. There are three programs available at RIT Croatia: Hospitality and Tourism Management Program […]

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Checklist for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Break is basically over and it is almost time for classes to start! However, you still have some time to prepare before course work piles up and everything gets crazy. Here is a basic list of things you can do to ensure a smooth transition back to school. Download a copy of your class schedule […]

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