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The World Needs You – 10 Ways to Live Sustainably at RIT

Earth is our home. Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful and make strides towards sustainability. Although there are efforts to save the planet, such as major ocean cleanups and testing new sustainable energy alternatives, nothing will be enough until we all pitch in and do our part. Everyone is busy in college; […]

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Tiger Tips: Top 5 RIT Dining Hacks

Calling all the Foodies of RIT, penny pinchers, or anyone simply looking for some new food tips and tricks around campus. After reading through the top five RIT Dining hacks to eating on campus, you’ll be eager to go try them out for yourself. Thankfully RIT has so many dining options available, all varying in […]

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Books You Should Read Based off Your Netflix History

In the past few years, there have been numerous hit movies and television shows being released on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and even into cinemas that were inspired by books. Ranging from teen romance hits to action-packed thrillers, there are so many of these popular movies that have a story right off the shelf. If you’re […]

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Geocaching at RIT

Geocaching is a new trend, spreading fast throughout communities throughout the world. It’s an outdoor activity that anyone with a mobile device can participate in. Mixing together technology and recreation, Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunting adventure – and who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned treasure hunt? If you’re on or near campus […]

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Tiger Tips: Using Tiger Bucks Off-Campus

Besides Dining Dollars and meal exchanges, RIT offers another debit account to its students, faculty, and staff – Tiger Bucks. What separates Tiger Bucks from the meal plan options, is this money can be used for more things and at more places. This form of debit lets you purchase non-food items, and it can be […]

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Rochester Festival Guide: Summer 2019

Believe it or not, we’ve made it through another Rochester winter. While it may have seemed never-ending (especially with a cold and rainy May), the sun has finally come out and the city is coming alive for another summer full of fun. If you’re around Rochester this summer season – or thinking of coming back […]

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Rochester’s Food Truck Rodeo

For those who have spent more than a year in Rochester, you probably know the food truck scene is quite impeccable. Or maybe you’re a newbie and have only encountered the food trucks at events such as Imagine RIT or FreezeFest. Either way, if you’re around Rochester this summer, the Food Truck Rodeo at the […]

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