• May 20, 2020

    "10 Fun Things To Do This Memorial Day Weekend" with an image of a waving American flag and a blue sky

    10 Fun Things To Do This Memorial Day Weekend

    This year we may not be able to go to parades or parties, but switching it up won't be too hard. Before we get into some fun things you can do over the long weekend, let's remember the significance and meaning of Memorial Day. Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day? Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, is a holiday to honor the men and [...]
  • May 15, 2020

    "Try to Make Someone Smile Today: 10 Ways How" and a photo of a girl smiling outside

    Try to Make Someone Smile Today: 10 Ways How

    More than ever, a smile can do a lot of good. Now that the semester is over, we have more time to focus on other things and set new goals. One of my goals is to try to make someone smile each day. It doesn't matter if it's a stranger you pass in the grocery store, a friend, or a family member. Try it out yourself to brighten someone's day; you [...]
  • May 7, 2020

    "What You Can Do For Mother's Day at Home" with an image of a box of flowers on a seat

    What You Can Do For Mother's Day at Home

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner! With school wrapping up and summer beginning, it can be easy to forget about those that helped us the most along our college journey, our moms. For someone that does so much for us, showing our gratitude can be hard, especially when we can't go out to browse for a present! However, you can celebrate [...]
  • May 5, 2020

    "Time to Celebrate A Brief Overview of RIT's History and Pride" with a photo of a RIT students in a field forming the letters R I T

    Time to Celebrate: A Brief Overview of RIT's History and Pride

    For many graduates, including myself, the 2020 school year is not ending according to plan. However, this Friday RIT will celebrate the Class of 2020 with a virtual conferral of degrees. RIT is a prestigious university; earning a degree from RIT is a huge achievement, let’s celebrate it! How did RIT get to be where it is today? In 1891 [...]
  • April 22, 2020

    "Ridiculously Easy Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact at Home" and an image of the northern lights behind a mountain range

    Ridiculously Easy Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact at Home

    Earth Day is one of the best days of the year. Why? Because for a day, everyone slows down to think about their impact. However, lessening your impact takes almost no effort, but just a little thought. Things You Can Do Drive the Speed Limit Driving at 50mph uses 25% less fuel than 70mph, and you won’t risk getting a ticket! Invest in Nice [...]
  • March 5, 2020

    "5 Tips of Sustainable Dorm Life at RIT" and an image of a window with plants

    5 Tips of Sustainable Dorm Life

    As we look around today, it’s obvious that sustainability efforts are increasing and coming to the forefront of our minds. Less plastic cutlery, Wegmans banning plastic bags, even green initiatives on campus like Ozzi containers, it really is everywhere you look. We wanted to bring you some of our top tips for living more sustainably in your [...]
  • March 3, 2020

    "5 Ways to Recover from a Bad Test Grade" a picture of someone's hands coding on a laptop computer

    5 Ways to Recover from a Bad Test Grade

    Midterm season got you down? Don’t worry, there is plenty of time left in the semester to bounce back. If you’re worried about a bad test grade bumping down your GPA, then check out the following ways to recover. Find Out If You Can Do Revisions First of all, ask your professor if test revisions are possible. If a professor feels the majority [...]
  • February 27, 2020

    "Study or Socialize: Try New Spots on Campus" with a birds eve view of students studying on couches in the Gosnell Atrium

    Study or Socialize: Try New Spots on Campus

    RIT has so many noteworthy spots on campus, some of which are larger and better known to students. However, smaller, less glamorous spots can be refreshing and interesting to check out. Anyone who goes to RIT knows this campus is huge, but sometimes you can get stuck in the same routine. If you’re looking to switch up your social or study [...]
  • February 25, 2020

    "Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring" and a picture of a crowded career fair with students waiting in line

    Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring

    The Spring Career Fair is tomorrow! In the past, we've helped you with the do's and don'ts of the career fair, but what should you even bring? There are essentials and helpful extra items, and we've listed them all so you're not sorry tomorrow. Essentials Pen’s & Writing Utensils - To take notes with! Blank Paper - To take notes on! Business [...]