• May 28, 2020

    "The History of RIT University Arenas" with a modern image of RIT's hockey locker room with orange uniforms hanging in the lockers

    The History of RIT University Arenas

    RIT is known for it’s high level of academia, advanced technology, unique student body, and our incredible recreation and athletics facilities too. RIT is a school that is always transforming; how did University Arenas even develop into where it is today? 1968 - Frank Ritter Ice Arena Constructed in 1968, the O.G. of University Arenas is the [...]
  • February 20, 2015

    Are you Ready for a Weekend of Hockey?

    If you're a fan of hockey then don't miss out on a fantastic weekend of games. The Men's and Women's teams are playing games on Friday and Saturday. If you're a KGCOE student, then this weekend should be especially exciting for you. The College of Engineering is offering special reserved seats for all of its students for $5. The first 150 [...]
  • June 6, 2014

    An Inside Look at the Future Home of RIT Hockey!

    After some minor setbacks during the frigid winter and rainy spring months, construction on the Gene Polisseni Center is back on track and making phenomenal progress! Today marked a crucial step in the construction process. The concrete pour, laying the groundwork for the ice rink, began today at 7am and will conclude around 3pm this afternoon [...]
  • August 6, 2013

    New Details On the Polisseni Center Construction

    As a student who’s currently working on my thesis, I’ve spent most of my summer handing out surveys all over campus with an increased curiosity about people’s thoughts. After walking all around RIT, I realized that many areas are changing thanks to all the new construction and renovations. While you may not have seen them all, I’m pretty sure [...]
  • July 30, 2013

    RIT Summer Construction

    Summer usually entails a lot of interesting construction at RIT, and this year is no different. There are a ton of renovations happening on campus from the large Gene Polisseni Center, which will be home to the new hockey arena, to some changes at Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and The Wallace Center. Everyone on campus last [...]