• December 27, 2017

    Embracing Winter: Winter Activities to Check Out Around ROC

    Winter is upon us. Whether you’re a Rochester native, sitting around knowing it’s only going to get colder and snowier, or whether this is your first time seeing snow, the winter can be a time where going outside feels like the most daunting task in the world. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark - bleh - we get it, not exactly shorts and tshirt [...]
  • December 20, 2017

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    Ways to be Productive During Winter Break

    Somehow, it’s the end of the semester and just like that, four months just passed us by. Whether it’s your first year as a freshman at RIT or you’re one semester away from graduating, you’re going to wonder where all that time went. But right now, you’re looking at a month of time away from brick city and even though many of us feel like [...]