• October 2, 2019

    Fall Leaves on Trees with blog title banner

    5 Fall Activities in Rochester

    As the days get crisper and pumpkin spice becomes your beverage of choice, it’s clear that fall must be just around the corner. In celebration, our team has come up with five ideas for fall activities around the Rochester area. Go Apple Picking In Upstate New York, nothing says fall quite like apples, and what’s better than some freshly picked [...]
  • October 11, 2018

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    Are You Excited for Fall Festivities?

    Some of you may not be happy about fall’s arrival: it means we are one step closer to those Rochester winter weather conditions. But if you’re like me, you’re trying to forget that snowstorms and blizzards are right around the corner. To keep your mind off the matter, Rochester offers an array of wonderful fall festivities both on and off [...]