• February 27, 2020

    "Study or Socialize: Try New Spots on Campus" with a birds eve view of students studying on couches in the Gosnell Atrium

    Study or Socialize: Try New Spots on Campus

    RIT has so many noteworthy spots on campus, some of which are larger and better known to students. However, smaller, less glamorous spots can be refreshing and interesting to check out. Anyone who goes to RIT knows this campus is huge, but sometimes you can get stuck in the same routine. If you’re looking to switch up your social or study [...]
  • October 24, 2019

    Students studying in the library with blog title banner

    Coziest Places to Study at RIT

    No matter what major you are at RIT, you’ve got some homework and projects to work on and some studying to do. I am here to help you find a place to do all of this while staying comfortable. I am always adventuring around campus to find the next best studying space at RIT... that has plugs of course! Here are some of my favorite spots I’ve [...]
  • November 6, 2018

    person studying in cafe

    8 Study Tips for a Successful Semester

    As the semester continues to progress, time management becomes more and more important. Not only do classes and exams pick up, extracurricular's typically do to. Don’t let the semester slow you down. Plan your time efficiently, and you will excel. Check out some of Behind the Brick’s study tips to have a successful end of the semester! 1 [...]