• February 25, 2020

    "Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring" and a picture of a crowded career fair with students waiting in line

    Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring

    The Spring Career Fair is tomorrow! In the past, we've helped you with the do's and don'ts of the career fair, but what should you even bring? There are essentials and helpful extra items, and we've listed them all so you're not sorry tomorrow. Essentials Pen’s & Writing Utensils - To take notes with! Blank Paper - To take notes on! Business [...]
  • April 29, 2014

    Week 12 Wrap-Up

    RIT recently hosted a weekend of fun events and activities for students to take a break from the year-end grind. In case you missed some of the action, here is a quick wrap-up of last week’s events and activities. Humans vs. Zombies A semi-annual event of the last few years at RIT, Humans vs. Zombies is a fun game played on campuses throughout [...]
  • April 18, 2013

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring is finally here to stay in Rochester, NY… hopefully! With all of the snow melting and grass growing, you may notice how nice the campus begins to look, giant pots filled with beautiful flowers seem to magically appear, all of the dead leaves from fall disappear and of course the grass looks much greener at RIT than any other school [...]