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Summer Gallery Exhibitions: RIT and Beyond

As the warmer summer temperatures creep in, a dizzying sunshine lull can often overtake us. Relaxing out in the sun, sipping on cold lemonade – while rest is all well and good, it can sometimes be difficult to feel inspired and go do something! So what better way to get those creative juices flowing that […]

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Two RIT Students Merge Their Talents to Create an Award-Winning Video Game

The Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC) Center aims to create successful collaborations among various students at RIT. When the right pairing is found, amazing things can happen. Dan Plate is a 2016 Illustration alum and Gary Porter is a 2015 Game Design and Development alum. They were good friends in high school and […]

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An Out of this World Exhibit

“It’s Saturday night. You’ve worked hard all day and you’ve got a Saturday night off in space. What would you do with a Saturday night in space when you could look out the windows and see this kind of stuff?” University Gallery has a great new exhibition, Portraits of a Planet: Photographer in Space, that’ll […]

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping: The Right Way

The day of romance, kisses, hugs, and most importantly presents is right around the corner: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, most of us probably still don’t have a present picked out for our loved ones. We are all busy with classes, it’s hard to make time to the mall to find something special. […]

Art at RIT Behind the Scenes Finance and Administration Services News & Announcements

3 reasons why Shop One is cooler than you think

So if you have spent any time around RIT’s campus or ventured into Global Village, it’s likely that you have heard about or seen Shop One. Let’s be honest though, how many times have you just walked right past it thinking it’s probably not your type of store. Here are our top three reasons why Shop […]

Art at RIT In the Area News & Announcements Student Life

Singing to an Eight Beat Measure

RIT’s academics are hardly the only thing that the university receives accolades for. RIT has many student clubs and organizations that have been recognized for excellence both internally and externally. One such organization is Eight Beat Measure, RIT’s very own male A Cappella group. In April, Eight Beat Measure received the prestigious Contemporary A Cappella […]

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