Did Someone Say Burritos???

Today is a special day for Mexican food fanatics: it’s National Burrito Day! Here’s a bunch of interesting facts and fun information, just for you burrito lovers out there. The Origin of the Burrito No one knows the exact origin of the burrito, however there are many different theories. One of my favorites was that … Continue reading Did Someone Say Burritos???

5 Ways to Stay Healthy at RIT

With the holidays coming up, RIT students and faculty returning home for Thanksgiving are ready for some home-cooked meals and relaxing before the few weeks before finals. The last few weeks can be quite hectic! Sometimes students who are surrounded by constant classes, studying, homework, meetings, and maintaining a relative social life, can forget to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Healthy at RIT

RIT Halloween Events | Behind the Bricks

Get your costumes on, because Halloween is finally here and there is so much happening! We found a list of things to do on campus today using the Campus Groups events portal, so be sure to check it out for future events. Halloween Cider and Coco 8am-3pm at the Sentinel Sculpture - Tau Kappa Epsilon Link: https://campusgroups.rit.edu/tke/rsvp?id=360281 … Continue reading RIT Halloween Events | Behind the Bricks