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Don’t Worry, We’re All Confused – Career Counseling at RIT

I don’t think many people would argue with me when I say that college is a pretty confusing time. We’re trying to figure out social lives, grades, sports or clubs, and a multitude of other things. We’re figuring out who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives, and somehow […]

Student Life Successful Tigers

What I’ve Learned as a Fifth Year at RIT

As your college experience continues, so does your learning inside and outside of the classroom. Being a fifth year student at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have learned plenty of things that have sculpted my personal and professional life. Self-discipline is important. When it comes to college, your ability to discipline yourself will make or […]

Student Life Successful Tigers

8 Study Tips for a Successful Semester

As the semester continues to progress, time management becomes more and more important. Not only do classes and exams pick up, extracurricular’s typically do to. Don’t let the semester slow you down. Plan your time efficiently, and you will excel. Check out some of Behind the Brick’s study tips to have a successful end of […]

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Career Fair Don’ts

Wear your backpack While we may be on a college campus where everyone wears a backpack to and from class, leave it at home the day of the career fair. Nothing screams, “unprofessional,” like your Jansport backpack covered in pins and patches, wrinkling the suit you ironed. All you need the day of the career […]

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Recap: Saunders Business Investor Demo Night

So you think you’ve got what it takes to launch a business? The auditorium lights are dimmed. The stage lights come on. Your picture comes on the screen. You take those couple of steps down to make it onto the stage. You fumble a little with your microphone. “Testing, testing…” It’s go time. The next […]

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The Ultimate RIT Packing List

Although this question may be the most feared as an incoming freshman, it is still in everyone’s mind: What should I pack when I go back? There are many college-packing lists online, but RIT is a unique place. There are many different types of dorms and apartments that require different things to bring. No matter […]

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