3 Tips for Planning Friendsgiving in College

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Before we all leave for the highly anticipated Thanksgiving break, you might have some of your friends trying to organize a Friendsgiving. On one hand, it’s a great excuse to get together with all your closest friends and eat a lot. On the other hand - you might be freaking out thinking, “uhm who is supposed to cook all that food?!” So below we’ve compiled some of our top tips to make your Friendsgiving memorable and stress-free this year.

1. Find and Curate a Space.  
If you’re going to be bringing people together, then you’re obviously going to need somewhere for that to happen. Whether you coax a friend with a house or apartment to host or you simply invite everyone over to your floor lounge, make sure that at the least, everyone has somewhere to sit. After that, the details are up to you. Curating a chill playlist to have in the background is always a winner in our books. And if you’re one for decor - go for it (even if that means going outside to pick up some beautifully colored leaves)! 

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2. You Don’t Necessarily Need Traditional Thanksgiving Food.
If you want to do a lot of cooking, you could consider reserving a kitchen in the dorms. But let’s be honest, who has the time, money, or oven space to roast a turkey? If your heart is set on the traditional Thanksgiving fare, then you could give yourself a hand and get some rotisserie chickens from Wegmans and ask each person to bring a side.

Or, why not go for a completely different cuisine? You could have a whole Friendsgiving surrounding different chips, snacks and dips or have a dumpling-making Friendsgiving party. Whichever route you go, make sure you double check with everyone regarding dietary restrictions and remember to not overthink it.

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3. It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect.
Throwing a perfect holiday meal can be extremely stressful - especially without all your mom’s kitchen gadgets, so don’t stress out. After all, the root of the celebration is in the name - Friendsgiving. It’s all about your friends and all of you coming together so remember to have fun, eat a lot, and take pictures that you can look back on in 20 years and laugh about. So if that one dish burns, or if someone spills cider on your rug, remember that you’re there to create memories and show your thankfulness for the amazing people in your life!

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