5 Cozy Places Around Campus

photo of lounge area in Midnight Oil on campus

Are you on campus all day long and sometimes need a quick nap? Instead of laying down on a bench on the Quarter Mile to catch some zzz’s, check out our list of five cozy places around campus.

1. Saunders College of Business

Known to have the “comfiest couches on campus,” Saunders College of Business is located right next to Gleason Circle. When you walk through the main entrance to Saunders, take an immediate left. As you walk, you will pass multiple couches that are the perfect napping spot on campus. Next time you’re in desperate need for a snooze, try out this comfy spot.

2. Global Village Plaza

Although our warm days here at Rochester Institute of Technology are slowly coming to an end, we may still have a couple in our near future! The Global Village Plaza is one of the coziest places (on a warm day) to relax on campus. With various seating options including couches near the fireplace, or wooden tables, check it out the next nice day we have!

3. Coffee Shops

Lucky for us, Rochester Institute of Technology is filled with multiple coffee shops. Each coffee shop on campus offers its own atmosphere, depending on what you’re looking for! Midnight Oil has a fireplace you can enjoy as you sip your latte. Beanz has table seating and multiple couches to sit on in Grace Watson Hall. Artesano offers multiple books on surrounding shelves for all to enjoy.

4. Reading Room

Many people on Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus aren’t aware that this comfy spot exists! Located on the second floor of the Campus Center (near the Bamboo room), is the Reading Room. This room is extremely unique when compared to the rest of our campus. With deep wood furniture, countless books, and carpeting, the Reading Room is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of campus.

5. Fireside Lounge

Newly furnished, the Fireside Lounge located in the Campus Center has comfortable chairs for members of the Rochester Institute of Technology to sit in. If an event isn’t taking place, sit back in the lounge, or take a break and play the piano on the lower level. While studying and going to class is extremely important, so is taking an occasional break when you need it. If you can’t get off campus during your break between classes, take advantage of these cozy spots on campus, you won’t regret it!

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