5 Ways to Recover from a Bad Test Grade

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Midterm season got you down? Don’t worry, there is plenty of time left in the semester to bounce back. If you’re worried about a bad test grade bumping down your GPA, then check out the following ways to recover. 

Find Out If You Can Do Revisions

First of all, ask your professor if test revisions are possible. If a professor feels the majority of the class didn’t do as well as expected, they will often allow students bump up their grades. It’s worth a shot! 

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Do Extra Credit

Many professors offer extra credit in their classes. The extra credit may not apply to the specific test grade, but it will still help raise your overall grade. If you don’t know of any extra credit available, ask your professor if they are willing to create an assignment for you. 

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Set Realistic Goals

It's crunch time! If you cannot suffer another bad grade, you’re going to have to set some goals and make a game plan. Calculate what you need to get for each future grade to earn the overall class grade you desire. Then aim higher than that so you don’t end up shy of your goal. This may seem over the top, but it truly helps you stay on track! 

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Take Better Notes

If you take better notes, you’ll be listening more and retaining more information. They’ll also be easier to study from later; if they’re detailed, you won’t have to create extra material while studying. It will help you learn quicker and you won't need to put in as much effort studying last minute. 

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Open Communication With Your Professor

The best resource to help you with your success in a class is your professor. Many of us forget that our professors are actually eager to assist us, but they should be utilized! Go to office hours, work with them one on one, and most importantly, open up a dialogue about why you may not be doing well. 

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As long as you’re working hard and putting in the extra effort, bumping your grade up after a bad test grade shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck with the rest of your semester! 

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