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Although there are plenty of things to do in Rochester on the weekends, sometimes it is nice to plan a weekend getaway. Whether you want to take a break from school, work, get off campus, or bond with a group of friends, here are some perfect weekend getaways for you to try out!

Buffalo, New York

About an hour away from RIT’s campus, Buffalo is a perfect place for a weekend, or even a single night getaway. Buffalo is filled with breweries, famous restaurants, and a gorgeous waterfront. Pictured is Shea's Performing Arts Center where many shows are held. This up and coming city is extremely affordable, and is jam-packed with activities for you and a group to enjoy. If you haven’t been yet, it is definitely worth the trip. Check our AirBnB for the cheapest lodging options.

Toronto, Ontario

The drive from campus to Toronto is approximately three and a half hours, so this is definitely a place you’ll want to plan to visit during a long weekend. Toronto is a booming city not too far from the border to Canada. There is an abundance of vibrant culture and endless museums and attractions.  Pictured is the famous CN Tower and Edgewalk where you can enjoy a tour and dinner with a view of the city.   

Ellicottville, New York

About a two hour drive from Rochester, Ellicottville in an extremely quaint and cozy town. Do you ski or snowboard? Ellicottville is the perfect destination for those of you who are interested in winter sports. There are plenty of restaurants, ski mountains, pubs, and shops for you to enjoy. If you hope to partake in any winter sports, be sure to plan a weekend trip to Ellicottville as soon as possible, while there is still snow!  

Letchworth State Park

Approximately 45 minutes from campus, Letchworth State Park is known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” If you haven’t taken the short road trip to Letchworth yet, it is something to add to your bucket list before you graduate from RIT! The park is the perfect place to take a day trip, or rent a cabin/campsite for a full weekend. There are countless hiking trails, and incredible views everywhere you turn. Including a beautiful waterfall route!

Niagara Falls

Around one and a half hours away from campus, Niagara Falls is considered the “New 8th Wonder of the World.” Whether you have a passport to visit the Canadian side or not, Niagara Falls is something you don’twant to miss. Niagara Falls is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. If you decide to visit during the warmer months, partake in one of the many hikes along the gorge, take a whirl in one of the jetboats, or zipline alongside of the falls!

Corning, New York 

About an hour and forty minutes away, many wouldn’t think of Corning, New York as a weekend destination. Nonetheless, Corning has so much to offer! It brings that small town feeling close to home.  We’re sure you’ve heard of the Corning Museum of Glass (which is amazing by the way), but there are so many more things to do in this city. From the Rockwell Museum, to the Gaffer District, the opportunities are endless. In addition, it is a great wine destination.     Sometimes planning a weekend getaway helps you refresh and recharge! We hope that our team was able to provide you with some potential weekend or day trips for you and your friends to take!

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