Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring

"Career Fair Checklist: Things to Bring" and a picture of a crowded career fair with students waiting in line

The Spring Career Fair is tomorrow! In the past, we've helped you with the do's and don'ts of the career fair, but what should you even bring? There are essentials and helpful extra items, and we've listed them all so you're not sorry tomorrow.


  1. Pen’s & Writing Utensils - To take notes with! 
  2. Blank Paper - To take notes on! 
  3. Business Cards - Along with resumes, these are great to hand out to anyone you meet. 
  4. Resumes - Make extra copies, just in case! 
  5. Folder - You need something to carry your resumes in and you’ll receive a lot of informational material. Keep it organized!
  6. Laptop - In case you have digital work you want to show. 
  7. Portfolio Items - Be prepared to show recruiters what you’re made of!
  8. Career Fair Map - You don’t need to bring this with you, but pick one up or take a picture of it once you get there.
  9. Elevator Pitch - Have your selling points in your head; you can do this! 
  10. Backpack, Briefcase, or Purse - Don’t try to stuff your pockets. 

Helpful Extra Items

  1. Targeted Resumes - If you have a specific company you’re interested in, or want to interview for different roles, you’d be smart to bring targeted resumes that are specifically altered. 
  2. Breath Mints - Not only do you want to talk confidently, but you want to feel confident while doing it. 
  3. Water Bottle - You’ll be talking a lot. Having a water bottle will be helpful. 
  4. Extra Change of Clothes - We’ve all had freak things happen and wish we were more prepared. 
  5. Stain Stick - This is especially necessary if you’re planning on drinking coffee. 
  6. Prep Sheets - Do your research on companies you’re interested in beforehand. If you’re nervous, these will help you refresh and prep in line. 
  7. Snack - If you’ll be there for a few hours, you’re bound to get hungry. Take something easy to eat like a protein bar. 
  8. Phone Charger - You might need to use your phone quite a bit. Take a phone charger just in case of emergency. 
  9. Deodorant - Nerves and sweat is not a good combination.
  10. Hand Sanitizer - It’s flu season! 

A recruiter and student talking at the Career Fair

Good luck at the Career Fair tomorrow, Tigers! 

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