Checklist for a Smooth Transition Back to School

backpack and school supplies

Break is basically over and it is almost time for classes to start! However, you still have some time to prepare before course work piles up and everything gets crazy. Here is a basic list of things you can do to ensure a smooth transition back to school.

Download a copy of your class schedule

Just in case you get confused, it is a good idea to screenshot a copy of your new schedule to check throughout the day.

Fill up your Dining Dollars or Tiger Bucks

Ran out of Dining Dollars or Tiger Bucks? You’ll definitely want to load up for next semester. I am already planning on stopping at Midnight Oil on Monday; I know I’ll need my coffee after weeks of sleeping in.

Create a bucket list

My semesters are more productive when I set goals. Write a bucket list of academic, social, or recreational goals so you end the semester feeling good!

Order your textbooks

Did you get your textbooks yet? You can order them here  The bookstore will price match Amazon, and local competitors! 

Review notes

Are you taking any classes that build on classes you took last semester? If so, review your notes and MyCourses slides. You won’t want to fall behind, but it won’t take much to refresh your memory.

Apply to on-campus jobs

Jobs fill up quick at the beginning of the semester. Apply now to be ahead of the crowd.

Update any equipment you need at Digital Den

Whether you need a new laptop or just a phone charger, Digital Den has your back. Stop in on the first day to stock up on your technology needs.

Stock up on school spirit at the RIT Barnes and Noble

Besides textbooks, the RIT Barnes and Noble is a great place to stock up on school spirit. You won’t want to show up to hockey games without your new RIT gear.

Organize your room

When classes get busy, my room gets messy. But don’t start the semester that way. Organize your room now for a fresh start.

Make plans with friends

Excited to see your RIT friends again? Before class work piles up, make plans with your friends to catch up.

Find your classes

You probably don’t want to be the kid who walks into the wrong class on the first day. If you have classes in a new building, find the room before your first day to avoid an awkward situation.

Figure out your bus route times with your new schedule

If you take the shuttles to class, make sure you know when to be at the bus stop. Give yourself extra time to ensure you’re not late.

Pick up any packages you sent from home

Although you’ll get an email reminder once your package has arrived, it is easy to forget. If you had to ship anything from home, don’t forget to go pick up your packages at the RIT post offices. Do these before classes start and you’ll be ready to have a great semester! Good luck Tigers, hopefully you’re as excited to be back as I am.